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It has been quite some time since the first version of Apple’s innovative iPhone was released. The release of iPhone 3G has pushed the application programming to new limits. Owing to 3G and GPS the applications are more diverse and useful. On the web you will find hundreds of iPhone application, but not all of them are worth buying. Here is a narrowed down listing of some of the most useful and quality software utilities that can be used on your iPhone.


This cool application allows you to turn you iPhone into an office desktop. This utility allows you to access your Outlook mail, tasks, calendar and contacts. The application also allows you to share and view documents from iPhone.

Price: $2.99
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Edovia Linguo

iphone application edovia linguo

Lingua is a pocked translator. Next time when you go on a vacation or business tour, consider taking this application along. You can translate your own sentences and also listen to audio clips in Italian, Spanish, German and English. The application supports 17 different languages, namely Swedish, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese, Polish, Norwegian, Japanese, Italian, Greek, German, French, Finnish, English, Dutch, Danish, Czech, Croatian.
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iphone application reader

If you are fond of reading book, this application will satisfy your reading habits. This utility can convert iPhone to your very own portable library! The user interface is very intuitive. Reader is ones of the best eBook readers out there. The utility can also read .txt, .doc and .pdf files. All you have to do is to register for a free account.
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iphone application earth comber

If you are fond of travelling this might be your lucky day! This cool application displays lists of facilities in your proximity. This tool allows you to look for Live music, ATMs, stores, gas stations, hotels, pubs, coffee joints and my personal favorite, free WiFi. This application offers full coverage in United States. It also allows you to add filets to restrict search results to only the place that of your interest.
Use it directly on your iPhone.

Edovia Steps

iphone application edovia steps

If you are a health conscious person then this application is just for you. You have to store you physical information like weight and height. Steps uses this information and iPhone’s very own motion sensors to find out total distance, average speed, number of steps and most importantly number of calories burned! If you are working out then this application will greatly benefit you.

Price: $ 1.99
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iphone application zintin

If you install this application then it allows you to search for people in the nearby area. You can see a list of friends nearby. You can create your personalized wall and share pictures and contact information. Most important this is that no registration is required to use this application and it is absolutely free!
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iphone application iamp remote

This iPod application allows you to remotely access winamp playlists on you PC and control winamp functions. It access home PC through WiFi and even displays Winamp visualizations on iPhone screen.

Price: $4.99
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iphone application gps kit dashboard iphone application gps kit tracks

This application transforms you iPhone into a full functional GPS unit! The application’s dashboard can be customized by adding the units you need. The application supports tracks and waypoints. You can also email the save waypoints. It also offers the feature like current time, trip time, accuracy, odometer, speed, average speed and direction.

Price: $ 9.99
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My Eyes Only

iphone application my eyes only

My Eyes Only can help protect your confidential information like credit card, bank account, social security and passwords etc. Secret information is encrypted and password protected. This applications is a must have if you have the habit of storing your personal information of your iPhone.

Price: $8.99
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iphone application iactu

This iPhone application will keep you updated on what’s happening in the world. iActu offers an easy to use interface that can help you explore more than 500 newspapers in all major languages! News can also be translate to German, Spanish and French. iActu also allows you to organize your favorite newspapers and even email news recommendation to your buddies! The application if free to use.
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iphone application shazam

Shazam allow you to identify a song on radio. It also works for songs in TV, film and store. Its performance is remarkable, it even works well in the presence of light background noises, but don’t expect the application to work in a railway station. Once a track a identified you can tag it, view related videos and send its information to your friends!
This application is available free for download on iTunes store. Get it here


iphone application NetNewsWire

If you are a user of the popular application with the same title you must definitely get this one. NetNewsWire can be synchronized with all free Newsgator’s RSS readers. The application is free to download from iTunes store.
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iphone application bloomberg graph iphone application bloomberg chart

In additions to the financial news this iPhone application helps keep track of particular stocks of your interest. You can also view its graph on screen and add the stock to your portfolio. The application also provides an intuitive interface that allows you to view historical/intraday pie charts and market leaders etc. The best part is that its freely downloadable from iTunes.
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