10 secret functions in Odnoklassniki that you can do: descriptions

Odnoklassniki is a popular social network with over 250 million registered users. The platform allows you to communicate, share photos, videos and create groups. Before you start actively using it, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with 10 secret functions in Odnoklassniki, which you can do to use the social network more effectively.

Sign in via mobile version of the site

Odnoklassniki can be logged in through both the desktop and the mobile version. The second option is for people who sign in from a tablet or smartphone. Also for mobile devices there is an opportunity to download a special application for a more convenient visit to the social network.



If you log in from a mobile device, the social network automatically provides access to the mobile version of the site. If you need to sign in from your computer to the mobile version, you need to add the letter “m” to the ok.ru domain to get m.ok.ru.

How to know your date of birth and date of profile creation

Functionality of the social network allows you to specify or change your date of birth at any time, as well as learn the date of profile creation. Information about these parameters can be found in the “About Me” section. This information can also be found in the profiles of other users.

Date of birth is available in both PC and mobile versions. It is recommended to view the date of profile creation through the mobile version. To do this, the following steps are performed:

  1. Opens the mobile version of the Odnoklassniki site.
  2. Goes to the main page of the profile.
  3. A click on the profile information (the place where the data about the city of residence, date of birth are located) is made.


The page that opens will contain details about the profile, including the date it was created.


Account history

Classmates provides the ability to view your page visit history as well as your account visit history. The first function allows you to find out information about other users who have visited your page, the second – the history of your own logins to the account.

Your visit history shows information about your most recent visits to your account (including IP address and time of access). You can tell if someone else or an intruder has logged in to your account.

Account history

If you see a false IP in your history, you’ll need to secure your account by changing your password and enabling two-step authentication.

How to make an animated avatar

One of the distinctive features of Odnoklassniki is the ability to put an animated avatar. You can create an animated GIF yourself or use ready-made versions from the Internet. In order to create an animated avatar, follow these steps:

  1. You need to click on the button “Add photo” or “Change photo”.
  2. Choose an animated avatar from your profile album or from the list of files on your computer.
  3. Confirm your selection.


You can select a new avatar based on your own preferences. It’s worth noting that the social network sets requirements for images and GIF files, which must be met. The animated video should not be longer than 6 seconds.

“Cosmonovatic” – a game in the mobile version of OK

In the app Odnoklassniki for iOS you can play a fun game in the absence of Internet on the phone. To start playing, you should hold your finger on your avatar for a few seconds, after which the game will automatically start. Also, if you enter the application without internet, the offer to play will pop up automatically.


The game is a two-dimensional platformer, whose goal is to fly as far as possible. Later you can compare the best result with the records of your friends. The game has low requirements, so it works without problems even on weak devices.

Personal gifts

In Odnoklassniki, every user has the ability to send gifts to friends and acquaintances. A gift is an animated postcard that is sent in a personal message or left on the wall.

Personal gifts in classmates

You can use paid gifts or create postcards with your own images and captions. Gifts are sent in the same way as images and videos. Themed gifts created especially for a certain event (March 8, New Year, Defender of the Fatherland Day, birthday) can be easily found in the social network.

Using a multi-account in broadcasts

The Odnoklassniki social network provides the possibility of broadcasting via the OK Live application. One of the key features of this app is the ability to broadcast videos to multiple accounts at once (for example, two Odnoklassniki profiles or a profile and a group).

When the broadcast is turned on, you are prompted where to broadcast. To be able to choose, you need to sign in the application through multiple profiles, and then select the desired one.

Creating a private broadcast

Using the OK Live application, you can select the type of broadcast. Streaming can be conducted for all users of the Odnoklassniki social network or just for friends. Configure the privacy settings before starting the broadcast.


To launch the private stream, go to the settings and select the circle of people for whom the video will be broadcast. If necessary, an individual broadcast for a specific person is started.

The intricacies of post design

When designing posts on the Odnoklassniki page, the user has access to all the popular tools that are available on other social networks. The following elements can be added to the post:

  • photo;
  • video;
  • music;
  • geometry.

private surveys

You can also create public and private polls on the social network. The basis of a post is usually text or a picture. Posts can be created both on a personal page and in groups, in which it is possible to publish. You can also set your profile to allow or block others from posting to your private page.

How to view a closed group

Communities in Odnoklassniki often have privacy settings so that uninvited and non-member users can’t view the group’s content. The only way to view a closed community is to join the group or get permission from the administrator. The second option allows you to browse the group without being a member.

Some open groups may become inaccessible to the user if they have been added to a community blacklist. In this case, to continue viewing the open group, you’ll need to create a new profile.

Odnoklassniki is a functional social network that is constantly being refined and updated. Most of the trending features become available to users in a short time. It takes a lot of time to learn the functionality of the site and applications.

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