11 habitual actions which you gradually ruin your PC: what not to do

People have been using personal computers for a long time. In a day alone, users spend at least two hours at the PC. But no one thinks about the fact that there are habits that slowly kill and break the computer. For most people, the PC represents a long-term investment. However, technology also needs care and maintenance. Therefore, it is advisable to take care of a stationary device.

Put the device on blankets and upholstered furniture

Laptops, unlike desktop computers, generate much more heat. The PC has several fans in the cooling system. The size of the laptop does not allow you to put a good cooling system in the device. Therefore, even small in power laptops quickly overheat.


When the laptop is placed on a hard table, the vents in the iron part of the laptop are open on the sides. Consequently, air circulates freely and cools the parts of the device.

If the user takes the laptop to bed or puts it on a soft sofa with blankets, it blocks the ventilation grilles. This leads to overheating. It is possible that after a while the laptop will suddenly start to shut down.

In addition, on a bed or other upholstered furniture, the laptop will collect more dust and lint than on the desktop.


Excessive pressure.

Sleeping in the same bed with a laptop is also not worth it. It has happened that the user was enjoying his favorite show at night and dozed off. In the morning, he found that the laptop is crushed. It is better to give up watching TV series and movies in a place designed for sleep. If it is not possible to eliminate this habit, you can buy a special stand for the portable device.

Eating and Drinking at the Laptop

Many users are used to drinking tea or coffee and cookies at the personal computer while working. However it is not allowed to do so. More often equipment breaks down because of getting liquid on the computer keyboard or laptop keyboard. The fact is that when liquid gets on the keyboard, a short circuit occurs. Even if water gets on a regular desktop peripheral, it may not turn on again. You’ll have to unplug the keyboard from the system for a while and let it dry out.

Therefore, it is better to keep food and drinks away from your laptop and PC. If water gets on the portable device, the chances of the laptop remaining in good working order. However, if the drink with sugar, it is guaranteed to contaminate and oxidize the components of the device. Expensive repair of technics will be required.


Food also damages portable devices. When the user eats something tasty at the laptop, the keyboard and internal parts of the equipment become clogged with food crumbs. This reduces the performance of the cooling system and damages mechanical parts such as the processor, motherboard.

Irregular charging

Laptop manufacturers promise that the device is able to work autonomously for 8 hours straight. In the beginning of operation, this will be the case. But as time passes, the battery on the technique is degraded. Five years after purchase, battery life drops to three hours.

There is no way to avoid the decline in power and battery performance. But the user speeds up this destructive process, discharging his device constantly until it completely shuts down. Irregular charging harms the laptop. It is better to use shallow discharges and frequent charging to prolong battery life.


Unlicensed software

For proper operation of the operating system on desktop and personal computers, it is better to use licensed software. However, some users resort to pirated copies of not only common programs, but also the OS. Tips on installing third-party applications and software on your PC:

  1. Regular anti-virus check. This procedure is preventive. When actively using the Internet, a suspicious file may accidentally be downloaded to your PC. Antivirus will detect it and remove it permanently.
  2. Use original drivers. If possible, it is recommended to install drivers on your computer according to its characteristics.
  3. Accurate tracking of installed software. It is better for the user not to load unnecessary and superfluous applications on the PC.
  4. Timely registry cleaning and deleting temporary files with duplicates.


Leaving a laptop with open access on the office desk

Open access to the device appears to be not only an opportunity for a joke, but also an opportunity to steal the user’s confidential information. Such information includes passwords, photos, payment information. It is recommended to set a code word on the laptop. You should also lock the screen when leaving the desktop. This is done quickly with the Win+L key combination. Fast return to work provides a fingerprint scanner or camera, which automatically recognizes the face of the owner of portable equipment.


Carrying your laptop in unsuitable bags

Portable computers should not be carried in a padded bag or briefcase. In these carries, the laptop is vulnerable if the bag falls or is bumped. It is better to give preference to an accessory with a sealed frame. The choice of bag under the portable device is influenced by the diagonal: a model with 15 inches will only fit into a bag of larger sizes.


Using a Broken Cable

It is common for a charging cable to deteriorate quickly if it is frequently inserted under a bend or twisted tightly around the power supply. Before each use of the laptop, it is recommended that you carefully check for bare wire on the surface of the cable. If a wire is exposed, it is recommended that a new cable be purchased immediately. Do not repair wires with duct tape. It is unreliable and dangerous.

In some cases, when the charging cables break but still remain functional in a certain position, the laptop owner is in no hurry to buy a new power supply. In this case, the user periodically scrolls the plug in the connector until it adjusts the working position.

Such manipulation is time-consuming and dangerous for the equipment and the person. Over time, the power connector will become permanently damaged or a short circuit will occur.


Sleeping overnight for spiders.

Anything in the room requires maintenance. A personal computer is no exception. The user is required to continually clean the exterior and interior of the enclosure. Consumables are also changed as they are used. For example, the thermal paste on the processor is changed constantly. If the thermal paste is not changed at all, it is used up altogether. The consequence of this will reduce the performance of the PC and break some parts of the components.

But when you’re cleaning the inside of your computer from dust and dirt that has been piling up for a long time, it’s important to understand the proper way to do it. Clean your PC gently and carefully so you don’t damage anything. The components and connections on the motherboard are very fragile. It is better not to overdo the cleaning. Sometimes computer wizards are called in to clean laptops and computers.


Performing maintenance with the device turned on

To install new parts in a desktop or laptop computer or to replace the boards, you will need to open the case of the system unit or laptop. Some users open access to the internal “iron” on their own, without taking into account important nuances. The main mistake in such a case is to disassemble the equipment while it is on. Not only software shutdown will be required.

Even in the off mode, the device is capable of carrying current over several parts. A short circuit occurs when improperly touched or when liquid gets on the surface of the parts. Therefore, it is better to unplug the technique immediately from the socket. As for laptops, it is recommended to remove the battery before opening the case.


Excessive thermal paste

Thermal paste is an important element for the functioning of a computer. It is changed once in several years. The user can do this procedure himself, without going to a specialist from a service center. But when applying a fresh paste, you should carefully control the thickness of the layer. If thermal paste coats the parts in a thick layer, the thermal conductivity deteriorates.

The listed habits, which slowly but surely spoil the PC and laptop, are the most common among users. To make your equipment last longer, it is worth taking care of it.

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