2 reasons why rich people and IT people use cheap button phones

Today, people are still not used to wealthy citizens using perfectly ordinary push-button “callers.” This is not an uncommon case. Ordinary devices, which are often only for calling and texting, are used by wealthy businessmen and politicians. So why are cheap and old phones in demand among wealthy subscribers and programmers? First of all it is because of security reasons.

Old cell phones are immune to malware

Old cell phones are in demand among influential people primarily because such devices are immune to malware. Modern smartphones include a variety of features and settings that can easily be edited by attackers when sensitive information is leaked.


Older devices lack a camera and the ability to access the Internet. Modern scammers understand the new models of mobile devices and develop hacking schemes specifically for them, leaving unattended push-button devices.

No Internet, no problem

Why the rich and influential businessmen and politicians choose old featureless phones? Even programmers today resort to using the simplest cell phones.


Most of these people believe that the easier the device works, the less risk of information leakage. This is a correct opinion. In addition, the owners of modern smartphones and iPhones are more likely to fall for the tricks of fraudsters, who want to get rich at the expense of others. Let’s consider the reasons why knowledgeable people are increasingly choosing a simpler “phoner”:

  • the cell phone is used only as a means of communication, for calls and short SMS;
  • there is no access to the Internet on such a device;
  • there is no modern software, through which fraudsters often gain access to personal data.

It is the lack of technical capabilities on older phones that protects the owner’s data. Outdated and cheap push-button “callers” do not support connection with the World Wide Web. Most qualified programmers are aware of this and by using older models of phones, they take care of the security of personal information.



Most types of fraud are only possible when a subscriber is on the Internet and a suspicious application is installed on his or her phone. Third-party software is downloaded to the smartphone accidentally from a viral resource: the user may not be aware of interference with personal information because the application is masked inside the device.


Unlike expensive phones, a cheap cell phone does not work with modern technology. Threats in the form of leaks of confidential data are minimized or absent altogether. That is why influential people prefer outdated models to expensive smartphones.

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