The Warsaw lineup of 2cztery7 is: Mes, Pjus and Stasiak. They debuted in 2005 with the album “Funk-dla samku”, but it is hard to classify them as newcomers. Mes has already recorded an album with Flexxip, Pjus and Stasiak were active in Warsaw’s underground. Their debut features beats based on live instruments.


In most of the tracks you won’t hear samples, but you can listen to the interesting voice of Magda Kujawska, who normally has a taste for jazz repertoire.

On the occasion of the album release, Warsaw hip-hoppers were interviewed by Szymon Jadczak. He found out, among other things, the details of the conflict between Mes and Mez, which has been electrifying hip-hop fans for several years. Mes also revealed that he once thought Mez was a promising rapper. Moreover, the 2cztery7 crew also revealed to us where girls in hip-hop clips come from and what happens to them afterwards.

You’re rookies, so it’s not without a question about your beginnings. Who was the first?

PjusI’ll start. The beginning of my adventure with hip hop was in the mid 90’s. My first recordings were around 1997, when I was 15 years old. It was some home recordings.

MesIt’s interesting that Karol at the age of 18 recorded the track “Telephones” as an underground rapper in DJ Oś’s studio. This number became such an underground hit, I heard it on the radio. I knew Pjus back then, but I didn’t know it was his song. One time, we were walking down the street and Karol quoted a verse from it and I found out that he was the author. It was 2001 and from then on we can assume that we started doing something together.

Pjus: Dizkret played his part in the formation of the band by introducing us to each other – you could say that he is the godfather of 2cztery7.

StasiakI, on the other hand, went to primary school with the guys from the band RHX. I was excited that they could do hip hop and I started recording myself with my friend from the block. Then I met Pezet, Dizkret and I found myself on the second Flame in the song “Our days”, that’s it in a nutshell.

Mes: In my case, it was natural that I took to hip hop. I liked the American version of that music, and I wanted to see if I could do it myself. I wanted to challenge the Polish language, I was curious if a few rhymes and a simple theme would be enough – it wasn’t, so I kept practicing.

Before the band was formed, 2cztery7 was supposedly a clothing brand.

StasiakThere was once such an option that Pezet, my friend Robert and I were going to start a clothing company. We even had some budgets, and I came up with the idea that the company would be called 2cztery7. That idea fell through, but when we recorded a track for the first Junoumi and we had to come up with a name for ourselves, 2cztery7 was a perfect fit.

Mes, you already have an album out with Flexxip. Emil Blef also appears on the album of 2cztery7. Do these two projects still function separately or have they somehow merged into one?

MesNo, these are too different projects for us to record a joint album. Just like in 2cztery7, we are three different personalities and we have different interests, of which G-Funk is one. But I think if Pjus recorded an album it would be more lyrical, Stasiak’s album would probably be more joyful, rubbishy, there would be more rhymes about food than about fucking for example.

You rhyme that you have skipped the samples. Do you think that the audience is ripe for such an album? That it is time for such an album?

Mes: I think that right now is the time for such an album. Maybe on my solo album or on the second Flexxip there will be samples (not younger than 20 years), but 2cztery7 is to show that you can make an album practically without samples and it will not be a new, technical-synthetic sound. I think now is the perfect time, after all the scandals, with One Eight L stealing a fresh sample and nothing happening to them.

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