35 times better sex – part III

For starters, put at least a few of these tips into practice and see how small changes can cause an earthquake in the bedroom.

35 times better sex - part III

Animal lust

23 – Learn from primates: Gorillas may not have much to brag about when it comes to the size of their appendages, but they make up for it with hours of mutual sparking. In hairy monkeys, this leads to the release of substances responsible for feelings of pleasure in the brain. The same reaction occurs in humans. Play with her hair or have her scratch your back for added sensation.

24 – Learn from pinnipeds: Seals bite each other while having sex. While we don’t mean to suggest biting off a piece of your woman’s flesh, seals really know what they’re doing. Gentle biting causes blood to build up under the surface of the skin, making it more sensitive to touch. The reactions to each kiss or caress will be more pronounced, making you both reach orgasm faster.

25 – Learn from furries: Like seals, male mink also enjoy plucking, but our overzealous saber-toothed friends sometimes commit an unforgivable – and irreversible – faux-pas: they pierce into the female’s brain. The lesson learned? Whenever you experiment with biting or other techniques that can cause pain, use code for stop signal. Choose a word that you would never use during sex, e.g. Jaworzno – Szczakowa, Civic Platform, Freedom Union, phlegamine, lactovaginal etc.

26. learn from insects: in the case of male aquatic insects, the incredible display of sexual playfulness lasts 36 hours continuously. In order for you to have a chance to win a gold medal in the bedroom games, it is essential that you take care of your physical fitness. Try to increase your fitness by working out at least three times a week for 30 minutes at a time. Vary your exercise routine from time to time – for example, alternate between rowing, running on a treadmill, or jogging and cycling.

Proven ways

27. “My girlfriend has a number that I’ll call a show-off number without hesitation: sometimes, when she’s on top, instead of moving up and down – which can get me to the finals too quickly – she makes a motion with her hips more or less like she’s drawing a figure eight. For me it’s a super sensation, and she comes really fast. Then it’s my turn.”

28. “We’ve worked out a patent with my partner such that she ties her pantyhose around the base of my penis even before I have an erection and sucks me until I’m ready. Then she continues to lick and suck, but when she senses that I’m about to ejaculate she ties her pantyhose a little tighter and loosens them when the moment has passed. It excites her to be in control of the situation. When I finally climax, the sensations are much more intense.”

29. “My wife has just had a baby, so our sex life has become a bit complicated. But she has recently developed a new technique: she puts her hand between us and uses two fingers to grip the penis at the root. The extra friction makes me come without a problem, and for her the pressure on her clitoris also triggers an orgasm.”

30. “A year ago I met a girl who always kept a bottle of vodka in the freezer. But not so she could always make a drink. Well, unlike water, vodka doesn’t freeze and when we made love she would occasionally sip a little and then lick my nipples and neck, lightly blowing in that direction right afterwards. What is there to say! It was downright extraordinary!”

31. “Penetration is not essential to achieving orgasm. My ex-girlfriend had a habit of sitting on me when I already had an erection and when she was also aroused. Then, moist, she slid her tongue over my penis pressed against my belly but wouldn’t let it enter. When I closed my eyes, it felt like it was her mouth.”

32. “When I make love to my girlfriend, she lies on her side with her knee bent and one foot flat on the bed. I touch her with my tongue from the sides rather than lengthwise. It’s easier to get to the clitoris that way.”

33. “Sex in the bath is much better than in bed. Finally, the bathroom is warm and humid, as it should be. She pours several inches of hot water into the tub and pours foamy bath gel over herself: her belly, her legs, her breasts. Then she lays down on top of me and her pubic erection serves as a brush. We achieve a hygienic orgasm.”

34. “I love it when a girl stands behind me and brings me to an erection with her hands. The fact that I can’t see her adds spice and further frees her from any inhibitions. Later we switch places: she in front of the mirror, I behind her, one hand gently massaging her clitoris and the other her breasts. What a sight!”

35. “Good oral sex requires more than just tongue and mouth action. Some girls think it’s enough to form the mouth into an “o”-shape and just move the head – up and down, up and down. Until you get it right. Oral sex tastes so much better when she is also caressing the penis with her fingers. I have the strongest orgasm when a girl pulls me down by my buttocks.

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