3dmgame.dll download for GTA 5, Mad Max and other games with errors

How to finally get rid of 3dmgame.dll error in GTA 5

One of the most popular queries in search engines is the following – “3dmgame.dll download for GTA 5”. This is due to the fact that many gamers want to play GTA 5, but after starting the application displays an error indicating that there is no dynamic DLL. As a result, not only fans of GTA, but also fans of Far Cry 4, soccer simulator PES 2016, military shooter Battlefield 4, fantasy Dragon Age, Sims 4, Mad Max and even the mega popular Watch Dogs are suffering. There may be several reasons for the error, but we are more interested in the solution.

3dmgame.dll download instructions

3dmgame.dll is missing – what kind of error?

At its core, any game is a program that consists of many files, modules. Some of them require the connection of dynamic libraries that augment the functionality of the code. If the required library is not found by the application, in most cases a malfunction will occur.

So, the specified element is a part of Microsoft Visual C++ package, which is installed by default in Windows operating system. But for some reason, its components do not always have the current version needed to run this or that game.

That’s why you should update MVC++ manually by downloading the set of libraries from Microsoft official site.

  • Go to the link;
  • Choose the latest version and download the file that corresponds to the bit depth of your system 32 or 64 bit.
Links to MVC++ versions

Find out easily – press Win + Pause/Break and the window that appears will show the necessary information:

System properties window
  • Run the downloaded object and on the first step, check the box (to agree to the terms of the license agreement), then the install button will be available;
  • Wait for the installer to download the missing libraries to your computer. Thus you get 3dmgame.dll download for Mad Max, GTA 5 and other games;
  • The last step should display a proposal to restart your PC – perform this action immediately or just close the window if you intend to perform a restart later.


Automatic update of game components

I used to search for the necessary files on the Internet, often downloading all sorts of crap, and once I almost sent a paid SMS to get access to download an archive. In general, I was very slow before I gained experience.

If you find the previous method difficult, or it simply did not work, then I recommend the utility IObit Driver Booster, which is distributed free of charge. With its help, it is realistic to automatically download not only the latest device drivers from the network, but also the latest versions of game and multimedia libraries. But in the free version the download speed will be limited, but it is not critical.

How to finally get rid of the 3dmgame.dll error in GTA 5

“Harmful” antivirus

It often happens that the security software installed on your computer sees a potential threat in 3DMGAME.dll and sends it to quarantine (isolated storage of malicious files).

If you are 100% sure that these actions are erroneous, you should restore the blocked element and add it to the “white list” of trusted components so that antivirus won’t touch the library you need.

This is done differently for each software, so please check the instructions for your specific software.

Should I download 3dmgame.dll for GTA 5 separately?

I do not recommend to do it this way, because I tested this approach “on my own skin”. After reviewing a dozen of sites where there was a button to download the item I needed, I came across the following “tricks”:

  • They ask me to send an SMS to get an unlock code to access the link;
  • First, some downloader is installed, through which then will be downloaded DLL. Not an option, I am familiar with such things – as a result you will get an adware virus in all browsers;
  • I get an archive in which there is a library, but it is “empty”, and along with it a bunch of files with advertising links.

In general, I recommend using only the official methods mentioned above, if you want to download 3dmgame.dll to your laptop for free and without negative consequences.

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