5xx server error Instagram – what is this error, how to fix it

What is the

If there were no errors in Windows, Android, etc., our resource would count only a few pages. But now there are more than a thousand of them, which means – we have something to talk about. Today let’s look at the notification “5xx server error Instagram” what this error is, how to get rid of it when trying to access the Instagram site.

How to fix Instagram 5xx server error


Connectivity problems.

“5xx” indicates one of the “fifth hundred” errors, 500, 502, 503 etc. They are all related to failures or repair work on the server side. As you know, a site is a folder with files (documents, html-pages, scripts) that are located on the hosting. And if the hoster/provider has technical problems, users can’t open the desired web source in the browser: requests are sent, but no answers are received. As a result, the specified 5xx server error Instagram appears on the screen.

Here are a few more reasons why the malfunction appears:

  • The server equipment is overloaded – this happens during the holidays, when people are very active using Instagram;
  • Attackers are trying to deliberately “crash” the server, conducting a massive DDoS attack from different IP addresses;
  • Trivial equipment failure or scheduled maintenance, of which the site representatives should notify in advance;
  • Blocked by the Internet provider at the request of Roskomnadzor.

Deciphering 5xx server error Instagram

To better understand the essence of the error, it is necessary to understand its varieties (codes):

  • 500 Internal – most often it is associated with the inability to connect to the database;
  • 502 Bad Gateway – equipment is overloaded, not enough memory resources to handle all incoming requests;
  • 503 – site is unavailable, which indicates an external blockage (contact your ISP for clarification);
  • 504 – timeout expired, request is sent, but its processing lasts longer than the set interval.

I hope you understand that these problems are not your fault, it is almost impossible to influence their solution. It remains only to wait for prompt intervention of technical support. If the resource is serious (and Instagram is), the situation is fixed after a couple of hours. Stock up on patience!

Trying to solve it yourself

If sitting idly by is not an option for you, you can try some ways. They help with the 5xx server error in Instagram very rarely. But it is possible to try, it will not make it worse.

It is logical to perform the actions listed below only when the problem is relevant only to you and everything works correctly for others. If the malfunction is of a mass nature, it is not even worth wasting time on useless attempts.

What to do?

  • First of all, close the browser. Wait a couple of minutes and then launch it again. Sometimes the automatic update of the web browser coincides with an attempt to open some site. As a result, you will see code 500 on the screen;
  • Second, try to log into Instagram from a mobile device or through another browser on your PC;
  • With the help of third-party optimizers (for example, CCleaner) delete trash cache files. But you can do it in the web browser itself – for this press the combination Ctrl + Shift + Del , in the window that appears select the cleaning period and check the checkboxes what you want to remove:
Cache and cookies cleaning window
  • If the problem is blocked by your ISP, then you have to use a VPN. Here’s a link for an overview of the best ways to do it;
  • Do you have a router installed, through which the Internet connection goes? Then I advise you to restart the Wifi router (turn it off for 2-3 minutes);
  • Rarely (but aptly) the antivirus software installed on your computer interferes with the sites. Temporarily deactivate it and try again to open Instagram.

I told you how to fix 5xx server error in Instagram. It is a pity that the instruction does not give 100% effect, because the defect occurs not from our side, and we have almost no influence on it. As an option, actively write to the technical support, so that they quickly look for a solution.

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