7 attractions in Uniejów, which you won’t pass indifferently

Poland for vacations? It seems that this is the main slogan of this year’s summer – crowds of tourists storm the popular holiday destinations such as Masuria, the Tatra Mountains or the Baltic coast. However, not only in these places we can experience true relaxation. Central Poland, and especially the Lodz region, is often overlooked by Polish holidaymakers, which is a shame! Let’s go to the small town of Uniejów in Poddębicki County to see for ourselves that Poland is beautiful everywhere.

Located 50 kilometers west of Łódź and a dozen or so kilometers south of the A2 freeway Uniejów is a small town about which more and more people hear. Not only are we talking about the local brine baths or the picturesque location on the banks of the Warta river, but also about great artistic events, such as the Earth Festival. Stars for Pure Polandwhich attract the biggest names in the Polish music scene.

But first let’s wander through the city streets and discover the secrets hidden on the right bank of the Warta river. Uniejów is a town with a rich history – the first records of the settlement in this place date back to the 12th century. In the following centuries the town became a property of Gniezno archbishops. A castle was built here as well which became their summer residence.

Uniejów never grew to the size of a huge city. For several decades in the 19th and 20th century it even lost its status of a town. Today Uniejów is experiencing its second youth thanks to granting it the status of a health resort in 2012.

What is worth seeing in Uniejów?

The sightseeing of the town should start from market squarewhich is the heart of Uniejów. Here we can see the preserved old chess-board urban layout – From each corner of the market square two streets run perpendicularly.

Standing on the square you will immediately pay attention to neo-baroque bell tower from 1901. Immediately behind it is a historic, Gothic Collegiate Church of the Assumption of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the fourteenth century.. Despite many war damages, the building still impresses with its size, and its interiors will delight you with preserved polychromes, a Gothic altar and side altars from the 17th century.

Then it is worth going to the other side of the Warta. Crossing the river by the “footbridge of love”, you will immediately Castle of the Archbishops of Gniezno. The residence had both defensive functions, as well as a place for meetings of the clergy and diocesan synods. The castle owes its present appearance to Alexander Toll, a Russian general who managed the estate in the 19th century and until the end of World War I.

When you visit the castle, be sure to take a rest in the nearby huge Castle Park. There are several alleys and paths in the local forest where you can take a walk with the whole family. An extremely interesting proposal, which will introduce us to the main attraction of the city, is educational route entitled. “Uniejów. A nature-friendly thermal resort”..

Baths in Uniejów

This is undoubtedly the biggest attraction of the city. We can bathe here throughout the year in saline and recreational and recreational pools, enjoy the massages, inhale in the graduation tower and relax in a real saunarium.

Thermal waters in Uniejów are extracted from a depth of two kilometers and are strongly enriched with numerous elements and minerals beneficial to man: sodium chloride, fluorine, magnesium, iodine or sulphur.

Baths are a leading attraction that attracts thousands of tourists from all over Poland. This is the perfect place to spend time with the family – there is no shortage of attractions for children here.

Earth Festival. The stars for Pure Poland in Uniejów

Such a nature-friendly region could not fail to be noticed by the organizers Earth Festivalwhich will be crowned with concert of polish music stars. On stage, there will be artists such as Beata Kozidrak, Michał Szpak, Kwiat Jabłoni or Roxana Węgiel. The entire event will take place over the weekend 21-22 of August 2021and the Sunday concert “Gwiazdy dla Czystej Polski” will be broadcast by Polsat television. The beginning at hour 20:00.

Small-town tourism ceases to have bad associations anymore. More and more people are discovering the magic and charm of small towns in the province. Uniejów is undoubtedly one of them. The seven attractions and places presented by us (the market and the urban layout, the bell tower, the collegiate church, the archbishops’ castle, the Castle Park, the Uniejów Thermal Baths and the Earth Festival) are the ones that will allow you to get to know this place in its entirety! And how to visit this charming health resort on the Warta River? Certainly unhurriedly, in the rhythm of the more and more popular trend slow travelthat is “slow travel”..

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