8 most interesting flagship smartphones of 2016

Fans of mobile technologies could not complain last year about the lack of interesting premieres. Manufacturers made sure that every user found something for himself. Here is the list of the best flagship smartphones. Phones were described by us in random order

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

A device that needs no introduction to anyone. Without a doubt the best Samsung smartphone that has ever seen the light of day and one of the best that ever went on sale. His place should take Note 7, but for obvious reasons is not taken into account in the list.

The S7 Edge is a paragon in terms of design and build quality, a smartphone that has one of the best cameras on the market and a beast in terms of performance. “The S7 Edge is a beautifully crafted gadget that enthusiasts of new technology and unconventional solutions should reach for,” – this is what we wrote in our review. Its entire content is available at here.

iPhone 7 Plus

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“The iPhone 7 Plus is by far the best iPhone in Apple’s history” – that’s what we wrote about Apple’s top smartphone in our review. Click here, to read it.


LG did not dress up – last year it decided to surprise everyone with the world’s first modular smartphone. The Korean manufacturer bet everything on one card and, unfortunately, it did not work out as expected. The mobile world has not embraced modular mania, and G5 does not sell very well. Nevertheless, the G5 is a solid model that is sure to be long in the memory of all fans of technical innovations.

You can read about the modules and more in our review. See the test.

Lenovo Moto Z

Lenovo has also seen the potential in modules, but it seems that they have thought more about their practical use. The Moto Z is a phone that works with Moto Mods, which are functional modules that are mounted just by sticking them to the back panel. In the offering, Lenovo provides a photo module, a powerbank, and even a projector.

In addition to the modularity, the Moto Z also offers a great camera and premium components. Moreover, great design and exemplary build quality have not been forgotten. By the way, Moto Z is one of the slimmest smartphones in the world. Read more

Google Pixel

The first smartphone from Google. Although physically produced by HTC, nowhere the logo of the Taiwanese company appears – the Mountain View corporation wants to be associated with it. Pixel was to be a nice and efficient “iPhone killer”. Was it successful?

Opinions are divided on this issue. However, it is certain that Pixel is a worthy successor of smartphones from the Nexus series and a solid handset with top components. It’s a shame that the phone is not officially available in Poland. More information – click here.

Huawei P9

Huawei is currently the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world and boldly announces that it has no intention of stopping there. Last year’s flagship est promoted primarily as a device with extensive photographic capabilities, thanks to a dual camera signed with the Leica logo.

In performance tests it performs a little worse than the top, but in practice it does not stand out much, and it is also much cheaper. Detailed test of Huawei P9 – click here.

Sony Xperia X Compact

Sony, as the only one, has not forgotten about the supporters of smaller phones. If only for this reason, the model X Compact deserves a place in the list of the most interesting smartphones of 2016. X Compact has sensational components – not standing out from the best, and at the same time it is enclosed in a very handy casing.

Many people complain about the plastic casing, which scratches and gets dirty very easily, but this is really the only significant drawback of this device. Do you want to read our review? Click here.

Xiaomi Mi Mix

Smartphone of the future – this is how the futuristic design, which is the model Xiaomi Mi Mix, is most often described. The device has almost invisible bezels on the top and side edges, which gives an amazing visual effect. The bottom bezel is slightly larger, but still not small compared to the competition. Thanks to this, the smartphone looks electrifying

In addition to the external appearance, the Mi Mix model also offers all the functions that a modern high-end smartphone should have. What’s interesting, Xiaomi with the model Mix also set the direction of development of other companies – soon to appear on the market frameless phones from other “stables”. More information – click here

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