Appearance and operation of the smartphone. img The dimensions of the smartphone: 118.96 * 60.38 * 12.44 mm. The weight is 115 grams.

The assembly is of perfect quality. High-quality plastic was used, so it is pleasant to look and feel. Every owner of a smartphone really likes the look A3QRAlthough each of them points out the flaws. For example, on the back in the area of the hole for the stylus there is a gap.

The memory card slot, as well as the SIM card is located under the battery. This means that disconnecting the smartphone in the case of card replacement is mandatory. It is important to note that the back cover can be opened quickly and easily.On the top end is the standard audio jack, as well as the stylus mount compartment, the smartphone power button. At the bottom of the device is the connector for charging, as well as the connector for minisby. On the left side of the smartphone there are volume control buttons. On the front side under the screen are the standard buttons. If you decide to buy a smartphone A3QR, you must be prepared for the fact that the download takes a long time. The fact that the Android system is a bit slow, so you should wait one to two minutes.


The smartphone display is a resistive LCD. Resolution is 320 * 480, and the diagonal is 3.8. Viewing angles are insufficient, so the image quality can not be called perfect. The display can reflect approximately 16,000 colors, and this affects the quality of the image.Provided the ability to adjust the brightness of the display. It is important to note that if you put the maximum brightness, the display will not hurt the eye in a dark room, but in the sun will fade and the picture will be difficult to distinguish. The display is notable for its sensitivity. It is enough to calibrate, so that the sensor was correct. Screen response time can suit the average user. If you are used to capacitive displays, then the response time can be disappointing, so you need to get used to it. To scroll through the list you have to wait, because it is very slow. In the end, the quality of the sensor is good, but the brightness and color rendering – unsatisfactory.

Power consumption.

The duration of operation on a single charge is approximately two days of intensive use. Pay attention to the programs you use, as the work of applications, even in the background mode leads to a rapid discharge the smartphone.

Operating system.

The smartphone has an operating system Android version 2.2. It can lag, but there are advantages, among which are numerous applications. Initially, the standard programs are installed on the smartphone, namely Calendar, Maps, GMail, Google Talk. The keyboard installed is English-Chinese. As a result, you have to search for and download a keyboard that supports Cyrillic. To do this, it is enough to visit the market and find a keyboard, and then in the settings of the smartphone choose to use the new program. The standard Internet browser copes very well with its own task. Searching the Internet has a high level of convenience. Nevertheless, it would have been more convenient if the creators had provided for multitouch to change the scale of the picture. If you install programs from the market, you can read books, use Word, Excel files, play various applications. Thanks to the widgets can visit multiple social networks, including classmates, vkontakte, myspace, facebook. Work with e-mail is very easy, but this requires synchronization with Gmail.


The level of multimedia is low, and can not like. You can view video files in a variety of formats, namely avi, m4v, mpg, etc., but the player can only read mp4, 3gp files. In addition, the installation of other players will not be successful.With audio all is better. The player can play mp3, and it is this format is most common. Without problems you can download winamp, and if you connect to Wi-Fi, you can listen to the radio on the Internet. Synchronization is notable for its clarity. If the Wi-Fi signal level is good, the music will play smoothly. In addition, there is an opportunity to use the function “what is playing now” and find songs on the Internet.The sound in the headphones is average, but it will satisfy you only if you are not an avid musician. Low sounds can sometimes be hoarse, and high sounds do not have the necessary clarity. If you press pause, you can hear rustling and distinct. Despite all this, the sound is normal.With games did not turn out as well as I would have liked. You can play 2D applications. 3D games often lag or refuse to work.


You can only say that the camera is there. The quality of photos and video is poor, and is suitable only for sending MMS.


The internal memory of the smartphone is 256 gigabytes. Manufacturers have provided the possibility to expand the memory up to 8 gigabytes, but for this you need to choose a memory card. You can be sure that without problems applications will be transferred to the memory card, so there will be no difficulties.

Means of communication and communication.

The smartphone can work with two sim cards at once.The call and vibration are characterized by perfect volume. The smartphone can be heard even if it is in the pocket of jeans. The antenna picks up exactly as in standard GSM cell phones.Quality of communication can be evaluated on 4. In addition, it is pleased that the interlocutor can always be heard well and there is no noise. It is quick and easy to set up GPRS. However, be careful! Android can go straight to the Internet to check the weather forecast and visit popular news portals. What should you do to prevent this from happening? Of course, choose Wi-Fi as the preferred connection.


It will take 5-9 minutes for the first attempt to catch the satellite signal on the street. If you turn on Wi-Fi, it will take less time.

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