About love over dinner

Our guests at the meeting of the INTERIA.PL Thursday Dinners series, which took place on February 10, 2005 in the Warsaw “Chianti” restaurant, were popular actors: Renata Dancewicz and Tomasz Stockinger. We talked about love, betrayal, differences between men and women and the nuances of male-female relationships.

About love over dinner

13:58 Welcome from Warsaw’s Chianti restaurant, from where we report on the next meeting of the “INTERIA.PL Thursday Dinners” series.

14:02 On the eve of St. Valentine’s Day, the holiday of love, with our guests Renata Dancewicz and Tomasz Stockinger we will talk about women, men and various problems that accompany the coexistence of both sexes.

14:04 Tomasz Stockinger chose for today’s dinner: arugula with parmesan cheese, stracciatella soup – broth with delicate parmesan noodles, and tagliato rucola – grilled beef tenderloin.

14:05 Mrs Renata chose salitimbocca, i.e. veal with sage and slices of Parma ham, in white wine sauce.

14:06 The guests were now welcomed by Marcin Kręglicki, co-owner of the Chianti restaurant.

14:07 We move on to the questions. I would like to remind you that the interviewees answer one by one the same questions that we have prepared on the basis of the letters we receive from the people visiting our two websites: kobieta.interia.pl and facet.interia.pl

14:08 What do you think about Valentine’s Day? Is such a “day in love” necessary?

14:09 Renata Dancewicz: – I would rather opt for Kupala Day, as a holiday that is more local, Polish, Slavic, and sensual.

14:10 Tomasz Stockinger: – If Valentine’s Day wasn’t needed, it wouldn’t be so popular. We didn’t have such a holiday before. This holiday heralds spring, so it’s well placed in the calendar.

14:11 R. Dancewicz: – Valentine’s Day is the falling in love phase, and Kupala is the consuming phase.

14:11 How do you feel about being surrounded by these Italian southern landscapes on the walls?

14:12 R. Dancewicz: – It’s very nice here. It’s amazing, but we both just discovered that neither of us has been to Italy.

14:12 T. Stockinger: – I even already have a ticket to Italy, an open ticket for the whole year, won at a tennis tournament.

14:13 What kind of environment, what kind of atmosphere is most conducive to intimate contact?

14:14 T. Stockinger: – I think beautiful natural circumstances.

14:14 R. Dancewicz: – Nature is important, but the most important thing is the company of that right person. Tomek is right that the warmer, the more exotic, the more special, the more erotic.

14:16 Who has more influence on the modern world: women or men?

14:17 R. Dancewicz: I think men have always had a big influence on the fate of the world. Women embody the hearth of the home more…

14:19 Tomasz Stockinger: – Men influence the fate of the world more, but for how much longer.

14:20 R. Dancewicz; – The lead on the public plane is still led by men, while the sphere of private life is shaped to a greater extent by women.

14:21 What is so valuable in the opposite sex? Something that we have to admire? And what is it that is better not to be there?

About love over dinner

14:25 Renata Dancewicz: – I would like to admire a man for his independence, his world, his intellect, for being a man first of all. And I envy men their sense of loyalty to their own sex, which is often absent among women. I don’t like male chauvinism, unjustified sense of superiority, stupidity, and no sense of humor. This is a disqualification.

14:27 What does “classy person” mean? What does it mean for a man or woman to have class?

14:28 T. Stockinger: When we talk about a classy woman, I feel that a classy woman and a classy man are not necessarily different.

14:29 R. Dancewicz: – Class is more an attribute of humanity and I associate it primarily with personality, and then only with style. And also: a man with class does not have to stick to the rules of savoir vivre.

14:31 T. Stockinger: I think the notion of class is a very broad one, although not necessarily for the young generation but generally we know what class is. It includes everything we aspire to – wisdom, knowledge, it’s a kind of sense of dignity and at the same time very high tolerance for others, it’s certainly courage, ambition and certainly personality.

14:31 Is it true that people in the acting profession, due to the fact that in their work, preparing subsequent roles, they have to find a key to them, they have to “learn to impersonate another person”, that actors are good analysts of personality?

14:32 R. Dancewicz: – That may be the case, but not necessarily. Acting does not have to be understood, it is often instinctive. An actor does not have to be an intellectual, but it is not a prerequisite. Actors should like it when someone looks at them. This is an element of exhibitionism: now me.

14:34 T. Stockinger: It’s obvious that an actor wants to penetrate the psychology of the character he’s presenting to the maximum. The director tries to help him – not always with good results.

14:36 How important is gender in acting?

14:36 T. Stockinger : We should start from the fact that acting is very much about sexuality. And this sexuality is desired by both men and women. It can be a vehicle for all the other things that an actor or actress communicates, especially when we’re dealing with young actors or actors at a young age. Over time, that sexuality plays a smaller role. When it comes to young actresses this sexuality is the basis of their functioning.

14:38 R. Dancewicz: – Tom is right, something like magnetism, even animal magnetism, is attractive, and many actors, not just actresses, have built a career on that. Women are perceived more through their physicality, but it’s hard to separate Marlon Brando’s physicality from his acting. Cinema is an art of stereotypes and is built on male-female relationships. We remember the famous on-screen and off-screen romances. Sex has played and continues to play a huge role in life, it’s hard to separate.

14:42 parapet7: salute to both actors, do you believe in love at first sight?

14:43 R. Dancewicz: – Yes I am a romantic by nature and I believe in such love.

14:43 parapet7: Who was your 1st love?

14:44 R. Dancewicz: Arthur, who I was severely in love with for 5 years, but I never met him in person, I saw him in passing. He imprinted on me in some way.

14:45 roler3: What do you think, is a woman better than a man or vice versa?

14:45 T. Stockinger: The other way round.

14:47 Question from an internet user: is there any prescription for shyness? How to tell him that I loved him?

14:47 R. Dancewicz: – I’m not a good expert in this field. The first step is not my specialty. Sometimes shyness is better than nerve.

14:50 T. Stockinger: I think that the girl has nothing to lose, because at least if she informs her object about her liking, there are chances that something will come out of it. If he doesn’t guess then he has nothing to lose anyway. The easiest way is to tell someone that you like them.

14:50 Fiufiura: And how do you remember your first love ?

14:51 T. Stockinger: I have very good memories. I even meet my first love after years. Maybe because this love was never consummated. Therefore this question mark remained forever, and this memory of great passion, bursting out of my soul and body dreams remained.

About love over dinner

14:53 R. Dancewicz: – I’m pretty fluent in French, and I don’t have a driver’s license.

14:53 T. Stockinger: Does Renata think she is a typical woman? A real woman?

14:53 R. Dancewicz: – I certainly am .

14:54 Same-sex marriage – yes or no?

14:54 R. Dancewicz: I do!

14:54 T. Stockinger: No one will ever persuade me to call normal what is not normal.

14:55 Feminism and feminists – yes or no?

14:55 R. Dancewicz: – Of course it’s yes! There’s no doubt about it!

14:55 T. Stockinger: Feminists are welcome, as long as they do not throw their children out with the bathwater.

14:55 How does Mr. Tomasz evaluate Mrs. Renata, and how does Mrs. Renata evaluate Mr. Tomasz? This is one of the questions from internet users. Is this, of course, about the male-female point of view?

14:56 T. Stockinger: I think Renata is sexy. And intriguing.

14:56 R. Dancewicz: – Tomek gives the impression of a mysterious man, which is a huge plus and encourages closer acquaintance.

14:57 redhot23: Kisses for Renata – a fan :-)

14:57 Are you currently in a so-called state of love? What would you like to convey today to all those who are just beginning to taste love?

14:58 R. Dancewicz: – I am in love. And my advice is to look for love till you drop, that is, don’t be satisfied with just anything.

14:59 T. Stockinger: I would like to believe that I am in love. I totally agree with Renata that no matter how stoically and practically we try to approach life, we will never overcome this phenomenon that love is. It will always be our vocation and our longing.

15:01 What is betrayal in the relationship between a man and a woman? Can betrayal be forgiven?

15:01 R. Dancewicz: – Mother of God. That’s a difficult subject. I think there is a difference between the betrayal of a man and a woman. A woman’s betrayal has a much heavier weight, which is why men react so panically to it. You have to experience betrayal to know what you’re talking about, but I don’t think there’s a prescription that men forgive and women don’t. Sometimes a betrayal will happen once, someone else has a conqueror’s heart, they betray more often. There are certainly two approaches to these things: the American serial monogamy and this more European approach, with two or more partners.

15:05 T. Stockinger: In the case of betrayal it is always the betrayed person who has a problem and it depends on the betrayed person how this betrayal will be treated and how heavy it will be. For sure it is a very unpleasant situation because it hurts the sense of worth, the sense of property, and the less the betrayed person understands that the other person has a right to it.

15:08 Does jealousy help or hinder or maybe exclude love?

15:09 R. Dancewicz: Jealousy accompanies love. It’s OK until it becomes a pathology. You cannot treat the other person as your property.

15:10 T. Stockinger: Jealousy is a natural phenomenon. We don’t want to lose what we have. People with class know how to tame jealousy.

15:11 Is there anything else that needs to be said at this place, at this table, after all that has been said here?

15:11 R. Dancewicz: Love is love, but a man cannot be the axis of our world. You have to live your own life and try to make it more colourful. Men come and go, and we stay and this is our life. We have to do everything to make our lives fun.

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