Acer P-Series Projector Invasion

The Acer P7200i, P7203, P7205, and P7500 series of projectors have been released, designed to meet the needs of users in corporations and educational institutions.

Acer P-Series Projector Invasion

All projectors in this series are equipped with a tiltable lens of a new type, which can be moved horizontally or vertically inside the housing of the device. This way, you can get an image with correct proportions without moving the projector. The tilt lens design improves installation flexibility for conference rooms and large lecture halls, and eliminates image distortion.

Acer projectors let you present and watch movies from any location thanks to the network card and the projection control features. All P7 series models come with Crestron Network Control for remote projector control. It allows users to monitor the projector, turn it on/off remotely (including timer control), manage projection remotely, control multiple projectors, display alarm information, communicate with system administrator, send email alerts, etc. Furthermore, Remote Desktop allows remote access to any PC running Acer eProjection connected to the projector via LAN. By connecting a keyboard and mouse, the projector allows you to use your computer in another room.

Wireless 802.11b/g/n connectivity allows multiple users to share an image from anywhere in the room, while a “Plug & Show” token lets users set up and establish a wireless connection. The MobiShow feature, meanwhile, allows you to stream images wirelessly from your smartphone.

The P7 projectors are designed for efficient management via LAN. In addition, they incorporate a USB Slide Show feature that provides greater flexibility for displaying movies and presentations. In addition, the projector is compatible with Presentation To Go, which enables you to show photos and PowerPoint presentations directly from a USB stick without using a PC.

Technologies to enhance color accuracy and sharpness are included to ensure the highest image quality. The P7 Series comes with Acer ColorBoost II+, a color-enhancing technology that features a 6-segment, color-optimized color wheel, a powerful image processor, and improved lamp control. It results in more natural and balanced shades. In addition, Acer eView Management automatically adjusts brightness according to the type of picture.

The P7500 projector also features DynamicBlack technology, which enhances contrast by dynamically adjusting the iris for individual images. The projector therefore reproduces black levels while retaining the original brightness of white areas, resulting in clear images and providing a contrast ratio of up to 40000:1.

Over time, the color quality displayed by the projector can deteriorate, resulting in yellow or green tinted images. To ensure consistent image quality even after prolonged use, Acer now integrates ColorSafe II and DLP technologies, as well as optical color compensation. As a result, color reproduction shows virtually no degradation over time.

The P7 series projectors not only feature traditional analogue and digital video inputs, but also work with USB sources. To project an image from your PC, simply connect it to the projector with a USB cable. These projectors also use a state-of-the-art lamp with a brightness of up to 5500 ANSI lumens, which ensures great projection quality even in brightly lit rooms.

In addition, the P7500 projector is equipped with a DLP chip with a basic FullHD 1080p resolution. This ensures that every detail from the source material can be seen on screen when playing back the latest high-definition footage.

For user comfort and usability, the P7 series projectors use a side-insert lamp, which is much more convenient than the traditional bottom-insert lamp. As a result, the lamp can be easily replaced even when the projector is mounted on the ceiling. The P7 series projectors are also equipped with a port to connect the wired remote control with a cable length of up to 20m.

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