AEyrC.dll for Crysis 3 free download Windows 7/10 file is missing

AEyrC.dll error in Crysis 3 game - how to download missing file

Many gamers are faced with an error when starting the game Crysis 3, after which there is a need to download CryEA.dll or aeyrc.dll files for Crysis 3. Now I will reveal a few proven ways to fix the problem.

Where can I get aeyrc

Unofficial version conflict

It’s worth noting that everyone who purchased a licensed game application from EA does not complain about the error “aeyrc dll (is missing)”. But lovers of free downloads are often faced with these messages:

The problem is typical only for repacks (cracked versions) downloaded from various file sharing sites and torrents. It can occur in any operating system Windows 7, Windows 10, regardless of bit depth 32 or 64 bit.

Dynamic library aeyrc.dll is a mandatory element to run a “pirated” Crysis 3 game, so without it things will not move from the dead point. This file is needed to bypass the license check. Now I will tell you about the most popular methods of fixing the defect, in addition to buying the official version of Crysis.


How to fix CryEA / aeyrc error

Many people are advised to simply reinstall the game client. Some people seem to help, but most posts on the forums indicate that this option is not always effective. You can try it, although you will have to spend a lot of time uninstalling the installed version and then reinstalling it.

I would recommend going straight to the following solutions, unless you intend to buy the official third Crisis.

Disabling antivirus

If you have security software installed on your PC, chances are that it reacts negatively to copying a “crack” (license cracker) into the system and puts it into “Quarantine”.

The first thing you should do is to go into the anti-virus’s settings and look for the repository of malicious elements detected by the software. If it contains the necessary file, simply restore it and then add it to the “white list” of trusted objects. This way you will get guarantees that in the future the security software will not touch the important element again.

Or it is worth temporarily deactivating the protection while installing the game, and after the procedure is over, open the settings of the antivirus utility anyway and add aeyrc.dll for Crysis 3 to the list of exceptions.

Since applications of this kind differ in the appearance of the interface, I can not show all the examples. Just look for “Quarantine” / “Detected threats”.

How to download aeyrc dll for Crysis 3 for free

If the above method is not relevant, it is worth downloading the necessary dynamic library from the Internet. Here you should be very careful, because quite often malefactors insert malicious code into the file, infecting your PC. I recommend the following method:

  • Download the torrent from here:

aeyrc.dll for Crysis 3

  • Run it (in this case on a computer with Windows 7 8 10 must be installed any torrent client);
  • Choose where to save and what items to download – available update to version 1.3 and a folder Crack, the contents of which must be copied to the folder with the game (bin), where the element launch crysisexe, agreeing to the replacement. The antivirus should be disabled:
Aeyrc dll library folder

If the game has already been updated to version 1.3 or higher, it is worth unchecking when downloading, leaving only the Crack directory with three files inside (including aeyrc dll).

In some cases it is necessary to place the loaded DLL in the system directories System32 (for 32 bit) or SysWOW64 (for 64 bit OS):

Put file in system32
SysVov64 directory

After that it is desirable to reboot the PC.

I hope you managed to aeyrc.dll for Crysis 3 free download for Windows 7 or Windows 10 and eliminate the appearance of the error.

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