Alarm clock on your computer Windows 10 / 8 / 7 – the best ways

Set Alarm Clock on computer Windows 10 / 8 / 7

Very many users keep track of their daily routine, keep diaries, plan various events. Useful in such cases can be a way to set the alarm clock on the computer Windows 10 / 8 / 7. It will turn on your PC in time or notify you of an upcoming event, so that you do not accidentally miss it. In this article, I want to talk about such applications and built-in features of the operating system.

Standard Scheduler

I’ll skip the verbal “foreplay” and get right to the point. After all, we all understand that time is money.

How do you set the alarm clock on your computer without installing third-party utilities? Do you think it’s possible? It is quite possible! It’s not the most convenient way, but if you “get the hang of it”, you can quickly set it up to automatically turn on your PC at a set time.

  • To do this, open the scheduling service by typing “scheduler” in the search box of the Start menu. Here is an illustrative example:
Search results by query Scheduler
  • After clicking on the search result, a window will open with many items. Don’t be intimidated! Just click on “Create a simple task” on the right:
Running the task wizard in the scheduler
  • The system may “hesitate” for 10-15 seconds. This is quite normal. Just wait a little while.
  • When the task creation wizard appears, assign any name (in the “name” field) and write something in the description (optional). Then click on “Next”:
The first step of the Scheduler Task Wizard
  • The next step in the wizard requires you to set up a trigger. Does that sound daunting? In fact, you just need to specify how often the task should run:
The second step of task creation: frequency
  • If you want the alarm to go off every day, select “daily”. If you only need to wake the PC (and you) once, check the “Once” box. I think everything is clear here.
  • Let’s assume that you specified the “Once” option. Then the next step will be a window with the choice of date and time:
The third step of task creation: specify time and date
  • After specifying the necessary data, click on the “Next” button.
  • Now pay more attention. In the next window, you must specify the required action. Select the first item, “Run Program”:
Step 4: specify the desired Scheduler action
  • How to set the alarm clock on a Windows 7 computer? In the “Script” field, you should specify the path to the audio file that will play at the specified time. Just click on “Browse” and select the desired audio item (which you have previously downloaded or taken from any other source):
Choose a file to be started by the task
  • When you’ve completed all the above steps, click “Next”:
Finished! File for running the task is selected
  • In the final step, just double-check all the information you entered earlier and click on the “Done” button:
The last step of the wizard

That’s all! At the right time, the music or just a loud sound of your choice will play. Also, you can specify video format as file to wake up.

Warning! The computer should not be turned off, otherwise the task will not work. You can simply put it to sleep.

Third-party Windows 10 alarm clock applications

Why bother with some scheduler, if you can simply download an alarm clock to your computer with the computer on. There are a lot of such applications, but only a few deserve attention.

Here are the best ones, in my opinion!

Free Alarm Clock

A very simple utility that I use all the time. During the day I set a few “reminders” with different sound signals and text cues. Very handy solution that even allows you to turn off your PC on a schedule.

free alarm clocks

Among the many analogs for Windows, this utility is distinguished by the Russian-language interface (excuse the “English” screen. I have been using it for years. Every hour it tells me that it’s time to get up from the computer and stretch a little)

Although the program does not have a variety of visual settings, but there are a lot of important options that allow you to configure the software to suit you.

It is worth noting that the alarm clock is able to “wake” the computer, that is, to activate it to come out of “sleep” mode. And this is quite an important function, which is not present in all analogues.

In order not to forget to run the utility, you should allow it to boot with the PC in the parameters. This option is activated by default during the first installation.

Once again, I would like to clarify that the Free Alarm Clock alarm clock has a Russian interface. You can download by following this link:


Alarm Master Plus

A very cool alarm clock that not only knows how to “wake up” in the morning, but is also able to organize your work day. It even has a calendar, which is much more attractive than the system one. Several different visual skins are available. You can include a “silent mode,” which simply displays a notification on the screen without sound.

Allarm master plus

There are a lot of options, but it’s realistic to figure them out in a couple of minutes. During the month you can use the software for free, but then you have to pay for a license (or use free keys found on the Internet).

As a reminder signal, you can set both the sounds built into the application and your own melodies (all popular audio formats are supported).

Alarms can be set ahead of time without any time limit. This software also has a free notebook – a kind of notebook where you can make notes about important things, etc. But that’s not all. The program also contains data about astrological signs. And for fans of daily changes in appearance, there are hundreds of skins that will diversify the interface of the utility.

Alarm Master Plus Russian version is available for download by clicking here:


Atomic Alarm Clock

One of the first alarm clock applications that I used back in 2010. The utility is able to replace the standard system clock (in the bottom right corner). You can choose the display option you like, and there are quite a few:

Atomic Alarm Clock
  • A task scheduler is available: you can create “tasks”, specify descriptions, the exact time, mark the priority;
  • Of course, there is an alarm clock;
  • Not only the time is displayed, but also the date (plus a lot of other information that can be specified in the settings);
  • The Russian-language interface is a huge plus;
  • You can choose from over 100 different skins (themes, “skins”), which will not let you get bored!


Now you know how to set the alarm clock on your computer Windows 10 8 7. If there are still questions on this topic, please write them in the comments.

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