Albedo bot Diskord: description and list of commands, how to install and where to download

Bots greatly expand the functionality of the servers in Discord. Without them, it is impossible to administer channels, add groups of new users (when online more than 1,000 people) and the introduction of economic and social features. The choice of bot determines how stable and broad the functionality will be. Albedo is one of the common bots for Discord that helps in the administration and creates additional activities.

Albedo bot description

Albedo is an amateur bot, written by one programmer, not a team. Because of this, its functionality was underdeveloped at release, and occasionally some commands worked buggy and others did not work at all.


Now the Aldebo bot has all the functionality you need to administer small and medium channels in Discord. Allows commands to do the following:

  • give roles;
  • welcome users;
  • create an economy;
  • publish memes.

The creator has published information on the website that gradually the bot will have more functions. He plans to make all the commands that are in other similar programs, implemented through it. Then it will be a classic multifunctional bot for those who want to manage the channel via chat. It cuts down on time and makes it easier to do business.


List of commands

Albedo’s commands can be viewed by inviting him to the server and writing ! There are 7 typical categories:

  • fan;
  • info;
  • music;
  • economy;
  • RP;
  • NSFW;
  • moderation.

Fan is a block of commands that are needed for fun. The most commonly used are: Say (say something), Change (publish meme), Art (publish art), Poll (run voting). There is also a functional command for servers on “Rainbow Six Siege” – r6.


Info – statistics about the server. Top5 – top 5 servers by tag, id – shows user ID, server – gives basic information about the server, invite – shows the link to invite bot to the server, warns – gives information about warnings.

Music – block to play music. Play – start, skip – skip track, queue – queue configuration, volume – volume setting, pause – pause the track, resume – resume from pause.

Economy – intra-server rewards for users. Level – level, bal – balance, buy – buy object, sell – sell, shop – store, pay – transfer, daily – daily reward.

RP – typical commands that trigger the hyphae. Hug – hug, love – love confession, pat – stroke, poke, kiss – kiss.

NSFW – block commands for NSFW content. Divided into classic categories. Starts with hentai, and then you can select a specific category. Wallpaper – wallpaper.


Moderation – an important block to manage. Setwelcome – notification of new users. Set up a text, gif or image in advance. As soon as someone enters the channel, a notification pops up in the general or special chat. Giveaway – arrange a giveaway. Conditions are set. Kick – kick the user, ban – ban, warn – warning. Clear is to delete messages.

Warn is a mute or a text warning. This warning is given when the user has violated something for the first time and he cannot be banned. If you accumulate a few warns, then the bot can automatically write a ban. This must be set in the settings.

These commands are enough in 90% of cases for a small and medium server to fully function. Economic system is set through the other bots, Albedo only allows you to calculate the currency and spend it on goods within the store.


Bot installation

Bot is installed automatically. He needs to be invited to your server. In order for it to enter, the creator’s account must be verified. You need to register and specify your work email. After that, confirmation will come.

To invite the bot, you need to follow the links in the “Where to download” block and click “Invite”. He will log in to the server himself. The first thing to do is to look at his commands by writing in the chat: “!help”. After this Albedo will work automatically.


Where to download?

You can get the bot in three ways:



It is recommended to invite the bot through the official site. This way you can avoid downloading an outdated version that is no longer supported, and guaranteed to get the functionality that is described.

The developer posts new versions from time to time. The official page says that there are big plans for the bot, so it will be supported, updated, and should eventually become one of the most in demand for small and medium servers.

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