Alcohol reveals our characters. See what the beverages you drink say about you

A recent study by University of Pittsburgh researchers confirms what most of us already knew, that alcohol improves mood and strengthens social bonds.

In addition, researchers also determined what the drink you order at a bar can say about you. By collating data on consumer habits, psychological characteristics of men and women with the opinions of several experienced bartenders, the researchers profiled drinkers of different types of alcohol.

Men: The beer lover is a man with a big heart, the soul of the company. He lives for his friends and thanks to them, he finds positives in every difficult situation and perceives them as lessons in humility. In a man’s life, these very same friends can play a very important role, which probably irritates his woman. Women: A casual drink for “unpretentious” ladies. Such a woman is always a “good buddy” in company, and a reliable colleague at work. She will give accurate advice, even to her own detriment, while not regretting it for a moment. All she needs is a good attitude to herself, she is open and friendly.

Men: Men who prefer vodka are distrustful and greedy for flattery. They are capable of reckless acts, they may jump off a bridge or buy all the flowers in the store, just to make a favorable impression. Such a man falls in love at first sight and for life, and then quickly and just as easily forgets his feelings. Women: Female lovers of men’s liquor are usually strong individuals. They know what they want and do not hide their desires. They go through life with confidence and it is better not to stand in their way. It is better not to enter into discussions with them, but they don’t tolerate sucking up to them either. A weak man will never attract the attention of such a woman because she is interested in intelligent and enterprising individuals.

Whisky lovers are traditionally considered to be strong personalities who don’t mince their words and are confidently moving forward. Nevertheless, it is not excluded that a man simply “fits” this stereotype. The same goes for cognac – a truly masculine drink – which indicates a strong character, self-confidence and readiness to make decisions. Mixed whisky is most often consumed by men aged between 21 and 46, while older men prefer single malt. Much also depends on how you place your order. If you dilute your whisky with soda water and then tell the bartender how it tastes, you’re probably playing to the audience. Women: An amber-colored drink speaks of recklessness and unpredictability. It’s the drink of choice for ladies with no complexes. However, the problem is that after sobering up, a woman does not like to mention her “achievements”, because in the flush of emotion she can afford too much. Therefore, if today, in a state of euphoria, you are her lifelong friend, tomorrow she may simply not know you.

Men: Champagne lovers love glamour in all its forms, but they are distinguished by their superficiality and “playing to the crowd”. At the same time, they are cheerful, full of joie de vivre and will certainly not let you get bored. Women: a bubbly drink reveals a cheerful character. They like to be giggles and coquettes who love the euphoric state. Their relationships are short-lived, they change partners and mates easily, but they are still very charming. Unfortunately, the men who love them will realize only after marriage that flirting and infidelity are the life norm for these charming creatures. Only a relationship with a much older man can tame their volatile nature.

5. Wine – men

If a man prefers wine and at the same time chooses it competently, then we have before us an aesthete who knows how to prioritize and enjoy life. On the other hand, he may have too high an opinion of himself and behind the deliberate sophistication of his nature there is a banal emptiness.

6 Wine – Women

Red wine: A bloody drink indicates a fiery nature. Since similar emotions usually fall to be hidden, such a woman must suppress the raging hurricanes within herself, behind the outside remaining restrained. Therein lies also the danger, for after a few sips from her glass she becomes unmistakable. Outside, she is cool and haughty, passionate and temperamental, tragic and comedic. She feels good in the company of individuals similar to herself. White wine: A clear and light drink for unobvious women. It is enjoyed by lionesses of the salon, cold and sensible ladies, refined and rational people. This type of woman is always on the hunt. The prey varies depending on the query: husband-millionaire, sensation-scandal, simpleton-buyer, career. In each incarnation, the woman knows her worth, is cautious in her actions and always ready to attack her prey.

Male: He is a realist and values comfort and security. He is interested in serious relationships and therefore dreams of a family and children. Not many young men choose this drink, but if you are one of them, you certainly approach life responsibly. Women: Gin and tonic is chosen by ladies who like to talk about things they are completely ignorant about. Drinks are not their strong point either, as they usually depend on a pretty and elaborately constructed name for their choice. The life of such ladies is equally complicated, because after sobering up they do not always remember the events of the previous evening.

Men who prefer cocktails are reckless, unstable, easily and quickly changing girlfriends, friends, hobbies etc. And if on top of that this man has a taste for Bloody Mary or Baltimore, you better really look at him more carefully. Women: Cuba Libre, for example, is preferred by ladies who love experimentation. With such a woman you will never experience boredom, she will rock any party with a distinct participation of her own. In relationships she puts on a spectator rather than a participant in her experiments, although you should always be prepared to “play along” in her next performance.

9. non-alcoholic beverages

If a man has an indifferent attitude to alcohol, and at the same time prefers “healthy liquids” – such as mineral water, juice or tea – before you is a person who knows what he wants and does not give in to provocation. After all, if he categorically rejects alcoholic beverages and consistently expresses a negative attitude to them, it may mean that in the past he had problems with alcohol or has health problems.

A drink for middle-aged women. Young girls may also like it, but it only confirms their weakness and sentimentality, sensitive nature. Such a woman needs care and warmth. Even iron ladies of this type inside are extremely trusting. Anyone who gives her attention and supports her with a strong arm, immediately becomes her favorite.

This soft and pleasant drink is very deceptive. It is liked by extravagant, “explosive” ladies, who can be dangerous and violent. With such a woman you should always be vigilant, because even when sober she is unpredictable. From somewhere this situation has its pluses. Her energy does not last long and after a few servings of tequila literally “turns off”.

A sweet drink for ladies charming in all aspects. Such a woman loves domestic warmth, cooks and cleans well, loves gifts. She is easily “bought” with a bar of chocolate and a well-known compliment. Not very volatile and simple-minded lady looks for equally uncomplicated relations.

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