Android lies with an exclamation mark – what does it mean

знак андроида с восклицательным знаком
android icon with an exclamation point

If an android sign with an exclamation mark has appeared on your device, it indicates that there is a malfunction in your hardware. They can occur due to unknowingly installing a pirated application or the appearance of a dangerous virus in the system. Most often with the described failure, users are faced at the moment of turning on or off the gadget.

android icon with an exclamation mark on your phone

Hardware reset

Hardware reset

Is a simple and quick way to fix an error in the system. It is performed in the engineering type menu and makes it available to return the gadget to its pristine settings. It is called by means of shortcut keys, which can be found in the user manual of your device. It is recommended to fully charge the device before using this method. After holding down the keys you will enter the program. There, press and hold the power button for two minutes. Then press the power button and the sound control key. These actions will trigger a new window. At the end of the sounded steps, the smartphone will restart and the system will return to the original parameters in automatic mode. If this does not happen, then you should select the item “Wipe data/Factory reset” on your own. “Wipe data/Factory reset”. The last step will be the confirmation of the performed actions and memory clearing.

Resetting on different devices

Reset on different devices

On appliances made by Samsung, you can enter the main engineering menu through a combination of three keys: menu call, power, and volume up. It is convenient to reset the settings to the initial settings through the item “Wipe data/Factory reset” followed by system reset.

On devices by Xiaomi, Huawei you can make initial settings using the following instruction:

  • Select the item “Advanced” in the smartphone settings, and then press the following button “Advanced settings”.
advanced options
  • Scroll down to the very bottom and tap on “Restore and Reset”.
touch Repair & reset
  • At the end of the page, go to the tab “Reset Settings.
Reset Settings
  • Check the clear internal memory box and perform a settings reset.
  • The update will result in a system reset.

For products from Acer, resetting is recommended as follows:

  1. Hold down the top volume and power button. This will take you to the necessary menu that allows you to perform a useful reset procedure.
  2. Find “Recovery Mode” and activate it by pressing the lower volume button.
  3. Press the device shutdown key.
  4. In the menu that appears, activate “Wipe data/Factory reset”.

To return to the original settings in Asus smartphones is easily allowed by pressing the lower volume key and holding down the power button for a few seconds. Then it is allowed to release one button, but the volume should be held a little longer until a new menu appears. In this menu you should click on “Enter recovery” and then “Wipe data/Factory reset”.

Flashing the device

Flashing your smartphone

In situations where a hardware reset has not shown any results, it is recommended to use the replacement software or in other words, reflashing. It is worth noting that this method will help to achieve a result if the device settings have the function of debugging via USB-cable activated.

Before starting the operation it is necessary to be well acquainted with the topic, because unsuccessful firmware entails the destruction of the smartphone. In general, the process of introducing changes in the software is as follows: a suitable file with the firmware is downloaded, unpacked in the root directory, located on the C drive. Then the system is charged and rebooted and the menu is called with the help of special keys. The smartphone is connected to the PC via a USB cable and flashing is performed. After the process is completed a reboot is performed.

What do I have to do after reflashing?

What to do after you restore the device

As a result of using the reset method, the user will have to face the problem of partial or complete data loss. Avoiding such situations is helped by regular synchronization of the device with Google. In addition, it provides user convenience when working with various applications, because it remembers the password, contacts and other data.

If you have not performed synchronization, it is recommended to resort to this method immediately after restoring the device. The first thing you need to do is to add your Google account. After logging in, you will be prompted to back up and restore, which will lead to a system backup. The last step is to click on your email address and make sure the services are updated. You will receive a message telling you which applications and data have been synced. It is recommended to perform this procedure as often as possible.

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