Android Messages download, read SMS, send SMS from computer

Android Messages: sending and reading SMS on your PC

If you own a smartphone running Android and would like to read, send SMS from your computer, then I recommend the application Android Messages to download from the official Google Play market. Next, let’s take a closer look at what it is, what benefits the program has. At the end of the review you can watch a detailed video.

android messages what kind of program is it


Features of the software

It is worth immediately noting that the software is a development of Google and is designed to simplify the procedure for exchanging instant messages not only on a mobile device, but also using a PC. In general, there are quite a few options how to send SMS from your computer. But in this case we are not talking about services that hide your number (or replace it).

The service is not free, which means that your account will be charged or batch data will be consumed, according to the terms of the tariff. You just get access to a more attractive interface that allows you to quickly do your mailing without interrupting your main work.

When you first start up, you will be warned that this software will replace the standard functionality, can see your contacts, etc. There’s nothing wrong with that, nowadays almost any application asks the user to “open some doors in front of it”.

android messaging alert

This is what the main window with the list of received SMS looks like:

Android Messages on your phone

Note that in addition to simple messaging, which is done by tapping the “+” icon, group chats with an unlimited number of participants are available.

I will not go into detail about the smartphone version, because this is not the main feature of Android Messages. If we go to the main menu (right corner – three dots), we see in the list of items:

android messages app menu

We are offered to open the browser on the computer, go to the page, there we will see a QR code, which should be recognized with the phone.

Code on android messages page

The mobile device is obligatory to be connected to the Internet. Otherwise, the data synchronization will not take place. And you can also activate the option “Remember PC”, so that you do not have to perform the above action every time.

After a couple of seconds, the site will refresh and your messages will appear on the screen:

Web version of android messages

Now you can safely send SMS from your computer, read Android texts, create chats, use emoticons, images and other attachments. But do not forget – when you enter a text and want to send it to someone, the operation is carried out within the current tariff plan of your service provider (operator). In fact, the web version of Android Message is just a convenient interface, not a free tool.

The functionality is sufficient, the appearance is simple. If you are given a lot of texting as part of your corporate package, and in the course of your work duties you have to send out a lot of these messages, this kind of messenger will prove very useful. Do you agree with me?

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