Android secret codes: service commands and combinations for your phone

Users think they know their own smartphone like the back of their hand. Some of them scout and study every setting they find on a portable gadget. But even so, there are many settings hidden from the eyes of smartphone owners. Some of them are hidden behind the rights of root, and to achieve others it is worth knowing special codes. Let’s find out what secret codes exist for Android phones and how to use them.

What are codes and USSD-commands for Android smartphones

The very phrase “secret codes” sounds mysterious and fascinating, referring the reader’s thoughts to movies about spies and special agents. In fact, every owner of an Android smartphone can use such codes. Those lucky enough to have had a Nokia button, will remember that with a special combination you could call up a menu or get immortality in a game. It works differently in smartphones.


Special USSD-commands play only a service role, that is, you can get useful information about the hardware or software part of the gadget, activate the hidden mode or change the default parameters. To enter such a command, you need to open the number entry keypad (in the “Phone” application), and then enter the command.

Each combination begins with an asterisk (*) and ends with a bar. Do not forget to specify these characters so that the device will perform the action instead of calling.


All service codes for Android smartphones

So, the commands themselves have been invented by the thousands. With each new version of Android, this list either shrinks or increases. The commands are also entered by cellular operators, whose SIM cards are in the phone, and by the developers of applications installed in the system. We will not touch these codes (because it is almost impossible to specify all applications and all operators, and some of them have overlapping combinations), but list only the main ones that allow you to get service information about the device.

Do not worry about the safety of data and the serviceability of the gadget. Most of the commands display only the information without changing it. Even if the command changes some parameters, you can cancel them by entering the code again. So, the list of commands is presented in the table below.


It is noteworthy that some commands may simply not run. This is due to limitations on the part of smartphone manufacturers. Not all commands are listed here, but the most basic and frequently used by the service center specialists.


For those who are not ready to put up with memorizing all these commands, there is good news: all the same information can be obtained by downloading the AIDA application. At least when you check the application on your Samsung phone A50 works correctly.

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