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For several years we have published on the site IT Technic tips, tricks and applications for Android, which will speed up your smartphone (tablet), get rid of ads, viruses and optimize the device, eliminate common mistakes. This compilation contains all the recommendations. The review will be updated as content is updated.

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Hardware problems

Most errors occur due to hardware malfunctions, which you can’t always clean up at home. If the tips from this section do not help you, it is worth seeking help from service professionals.

  • Formatting internal memory and microSD card – The procedure is very unpleasant, because all the information on the phone is deleted. But if the gadget starts to slow down terribly, partial cleaning does not save the situation, then sometimes only this option can save the situation. It is important to perform everything according to the instructions, so as not to harm the drives.
  • Calibrating the battery – Suddenly the battery began to lose its charge dramatically, although it was charging recently? Two solutions are possible – install a new power source, or de-calibrate the old one. It is likely that a failure occurred and the system receives incorrect information about the capacity and voltages.
  • Smartphone does not see the SIM card – is a fairly common defect, which can sometimes be eliminated by software tricks, and sometimes it is worth checking the contacts for the SIM card slot or the card itself.
  • Is it possible to charge the mobile device from the computer? Many people do just that, and others – on the contrary, are afraid to connect the phone to the PC to charge it. Do you want to know the truth? Follow this link!
  • Security glass sticker – Why pay a specialist when you can do a few simple steps listed in our guide.
  • The memory card is not detected – We have worked very hard on this topic and collected all the Android tips from the Internet. The article deals with all possible situations and solutions.

Software Errors

  • Incorrect MMI code – While checking the balance or sending any other USSD-request such notification appears on the screen. Or just during an outgoing call.
  • – just open the phone book or dial pad and see a window with a similar message.
  • “Device is not certified.” – The problem is typical for devices purchased in Chinese online stores. The error is related to the limitations of Google.
  • Failed authentication when connecting to Wi-Fi. Most often the defect is due to password reset or incorrectly specified security code WPA\WPA2.
  • Play Store is not working – In the past, a lot of acquaintances approached me with a similar issue, especially owners of Meizu and Xiaomi. Now this failure is rare, but if anything – you know where to look for the answer.
  • The device has been restored to default settings, to continue log in to your Google account.
  • – What is the error Android, causes and remedies.
  • “Google Play services app is stopped” – When launching the app store Google Play “throws” to the desktop with the specified error. This can also include the code RH-01.
  • – Message appears in the Gallery, while viewing images, videos.
  • Crash Launcher 3 – I do not recommend to use this Launcher to change the appearance of the interface, otherwise you risk facing a similar malfunction.
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Root access, reset and recovery

  • Hard Reset – all you need to know about this procedure to completely clear the memory and return to the factory settings. The method is radical, but sometimes it’s the only way to bring your smartphone back to life.
  • Android developer mode – what is it, how to enable it on different models, is it worth doing it at all, is it not dangerous for the “health” of the device? We answer all these questions!
  • How to recover deleted photos, videos – The biggest nightmare of any user is related to the loss of personal information, valuable pictures, documents. It’s not always possible to reanimate them, but you should try.
  • FastBoot mode – What it’s for, how to enter it and how to use it to install firmware, reset and perform other manipulations.
  • Unlocking the graphical code And everything that’s related to forgotten passwords. Alas, this kind of thing happens all the time. Human memory sometimes fails too, we can not remember the security combination for logging into applications.
  • SU file is busy – what to do? When you see a message like this while trying to update the SuperSU utility, just follow a few basic steps.
  • Recovery mode – Recovery mode is a powerful tool to install custom firmware, patches and other features to extend Android functionality. Also here you can perform a factory reset, clean the memory.
  • Engineering menu operations – volume up, IMEI reset. Not everyone knows that the settings hide a few items that are invisible to gadget owners. But it’s worth making a couple of clicks in the right place – and you get access to hardware tests and additional parameters.
  • Removing Root Rights – If you want to deeply dig into the file system, to install specialized software, it is necessary to Get Root access. But sometimes users look for instructions on the net with the opposite effect. After all, when you need to take the device to the warranty service, the engineers of the Center can refuse free repair because you have a “hacked phone”. It is better to get rid of the root certificate in advance.
  • Resetting password on Xiaomi – An extremely useful instruction for owners of Chinese devices Xiaomi (Xiaomi).
  • Android safe mode – Purpose, peculiarities of usage, how it can help to fight viruses, how to enable/disable it.
  • Bootloader – how to work with the bootloader, what to do in case the “Reboot to…” message appears.
Recovery for resetting

Useful Android tips and programs

  • Why do we need to synchronize – After the reset, many are faced with an unpleasant moment: all the data has disappeared (including contacts, messages, files). To prevent this from happening – you need to create backups in Google cloud storage, Mi Cloud.
  • Sending SMS from a computer – install the utility from Google on your phone, and then you can exchange messages in the browser on your PC.
  • The program ImeMess. – What is it, how to remove.
  • How to watch TV – A selection of the best applications.
  • Thumbnail folders – learn about thumbnails, why they take up so much memory space, is it worth clearing the directory or is it better not to touch it.
  • Scan QR codes on your phone – A list of software for reading graphical barcodes and other varieties.
  • Gboard – features of the Google keyboard, its advantages over its counterparts (among which TouchPal).
  • Enabling parental controls – An important guideline for those who have children. Protect them from dangerous and “adult” content available on the Internet. Or limit their access to games.
  • Lucky Patcher. – This tool has several purposes – unlocking utilities, blocking ads and paid content.
  • Installing Play Market – The Google Store is a useful tool in case your smartphone initially lacks the official Google store. This is typical for devices distributed in the Chinese market. But sometimes such models (for example, Meizu) are also found in the CIS countries.
  • Instant Apps – Tablets owners often find such an element in the list of standard software. What does it do and can it be uninstalled?
  • How to take a screenshot – screenshot. Sometimes in the settings of the model are already set special gestures for this operation. For example, on Xiaomi, it is enough to drag three fingers down the screen.
  • Google Files Go – A review of the file manager from Google with the ability to clean debris.
  • How to remove ads – this is a really important topic when you consider how many annoying ads are displayed on websites, desktop, programs.
  • The best “readers” for Android – here without comment. Just a set of cool applications for reading books and documents of different formats.
  • Antivirus collection. – A list of useful and effective software to eliminate malicious threats on your smartphone.
  • Navigators for the CIS – Consider a few options that can work without connecting to the Internet.
  • Freeing up memory Without deleting important data. It is unobjectionable to part with valuable files, videos, music to get extra megabytes.
  • Specifying the owner – How to fill in the information, is it important for work?
  • Changing icons – Tired of looking at the same icons? Want to diversify the interface, make it more attractive? Here are the instructions!
  • Clipboard – Where is it, how to clear it, is it realistic to use it as on the computer?
  • Enabling T9 on Meizu – I never thought that this topic would be so popular among readers of the IT Technic site. It turns out that Meizu smartphones have certain features that are worth knowing about.
  • Finding a lost phone Using the Google account. Also consider other ways.
  • How to find out the password from WiFi – Let’s note at once that the instruction is not very simple, but with a lucky set of circumstances everything can work out.

Mobile technologies

  • Data transfer – What this function is, how to enable it on different versions of Android.
  • Sensors in the phone – Consider the various sensors and built-in modules to expand the capabilities of the device.
  • Why does the phone have 2-3-4 camerasWhat it gives smartphone owners. Reveal the secret of the biggest marketing exchange. Or maybe not.
  • VPN in your phone – Purpose, peculiarities of operation, how to connect to a virtual private network to bypass blocking by the provider.
  • 4G LTE – review of the technology, the support of which in the gadget guarantees access to high-speed Internet (provided that the telecom operator provides such a service).
  • NFC chip – a very useful, but so far not widespread built-in device for quick payments and other operations.
  • OTG in smartphones – a handy feature if you want to connect to your device external drives (flash drives, card readers).
  • Google Nearby – Google has developed a standard for sharing data via Bluetooth with nearby Android users. You can transfer files, play games, etc.

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