Animated emoji for Discord: where to download live gif emojis for the server

Discord is one of the most popular messengers. The application allows you to communicate in text chats. In them, the developers offer to use standard sets of emoticons to give an emotional color to the messages. In addition, for those who are not enough of the standard emoticons, there is an opportunity to install custom packs. They include both standard and animated emoji for the messenger Diskord.

The best animated emoji for Discord

The community of the service is constantly releasing new sets with emoticons. As source images, characters from popular memes, video games, movies and cartoons are taken. Animated pictures are created with .gif files created from videos (in this case they have a background) or hand-drawn (emoticons look semitransparent).

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Emoji without backgrounds in the “cubic” style of this game can be found at Available emoji with blocks, mobs, objects and the main character. These emoticons are suitable for both the thematic server for this game, and for personal correspondence with a friend.

The most commonly used emoticon for this game is the grass block. There are several variations where this image bounces, twirls or disappears. Creeper and Enderman icons are also popular.



Pepe the Frog is one of the most common memes that appeared on the 4chan imageboard. Because of his popularity, many users set up animated icons with him. There are many variations of emoticons with this character: wearing a hat, crying, laughing snidely, dancing. These emoji will often be used by server members, so the owner should think about installing them. You can find them on the resource



This is the main character of the Naruto animated series, which is one of the longest running in history. In addition, you can set icons in Discord not only with him, but also with other characters: Sasuke, Sakura and Hinata. In addition, there are emoticons with weapons from this anime, such as throwing knives. Find animated badges with characters from this cartoon in the “Animated Emoji” section at



Japanese animation is popular among Discord users. You can find a large number of animated emoji with the characters of each “title”. For example, enthusiasts have created icon packs for Discord based on such animated series as “Tokyo Gul,” “Shield Hero,” “Evangelion” and “Favorite in Franks.” Find emoji based on your favorite TV series at by tagging “anime.”



Animated emoticons with different emotions are available for Discord servers. You can find icons with hearts, funny animals, as well as witty inscriptions. Many emoji are also dedicated to the memes “doge”, “blinking guy”, “this is fine” and others. There are abstract images with geometric shapes or with simple objects from real life: guns, flashers and loudspeakers.

Most of the services where you can find smiley gifs are filled with characters from video games, including retro ones like SuperMario, Doom, Fortnite and Halo. Everyone will be able to find an interest kit to diversify their online interactions.


How do I add gif emoji to Discord?

You can download emoticons as individually or as an archive. The second method will save you a lot of time, but emoji-packs are less common than the individual files. You can find such a set, for example, in the catalog The downloaded archive should be unpacked to any convenient place and remember its location.

Further installation is quite simple:

  • Go to the Discord client settings.


  • Select the “Emoji” item.


  • Press the “Upload” button.


An Explorer window should open. In it you need to find the downloaded images, select them one by one or all at once, then add them to the program. Icons with animation are only available to ordinary users on servers or you will need a Nitro subscription to use them.

Animated icons can be added to the server. However, chat participants can use them only in the general correspondence. To use them when sending a message in a private chat, you need to add them first method.

  • Open the server settings (arrow next to the name).
  • Select the “Emoji”.
  • Add the desired emoticons.


Server administrators have a limit of 50 animated emoticons per server. You can install more icons only with a Nitro subscription.

You can add icons with animations to private messages without buying a subscription by using global emoticons servers. You just need to be a member of one of these communities, and the desired icons will appear in a special menu. For example, this feature has channels Heavenly Rage and Salt Industries.

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