Apple again won the lawsuit against Samsung

The company Apple is suing the South Korean company again. This time the situation is almost the same as the previous one. The court took place in the German country of Düsseldorf. Apple strongly insisted that the product Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 banned from demonstrating at the show at the IFA 2011. The trial was scheduled for Friday, Sept. 2.

The company, which created the tablet computer Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, after the court banned the distribution of the device in German lands. As written above, it was not allowed to show the product at the show at IFA, because Berlin is German territory. And the Galaxy Tab 7.7 could not show itself in all its glory.

Again, the trial was September 2, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 was announced by the South Korean company on September 1. The developers of this tablet computer equipped it with a screen Super AMOLED. with a size of 7.7 inches. Super AMOLED display was previously used only in smartphones, that is, in devices where the screen sat well and tightly. Galaxy Tab runs the Android operating system. The processor power is 1.4 GHz. Built-in memory is 8 gigabytes.

Earlier last month, the South Korean company also had an incident with Apple. Apple accused Samsung of the South Korean manufacturer of creating a copy of their iPad. The similarity was found in the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer. Apple insisted that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet was banned from distribution in Germany. Since the IFA show was held in Berlin, the German capital, the South Korean manufacturer specially for this exhibition put a label on the demonstrating samples with something like this: “Not for sale in Germany. But, to Apple’s luck and not to the South Korean’s luck, the court still forbade him to show the 7.7-inch tablet.The company argues its charges that the South Korean copies the parameters and structure on its smartphones from Apple devices, the iPhone or iPad. After that, Apple is pursuing the courts at the same time in some countries. This includes Holland, Germany and Australia. In addition, there are partnerships between the American and South Korean company. Samsung creates processors, screens and other small parts for the American company.

IFA – electronics trade show, it began in Germany in 1924 and is the most popular among electronics trade shows.


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