Apple is preparing a “cheap” iPhone model with a large screen. Big changes are coming

Could it be that the practice of delivering only flagship devices to the market no longer works? It’s hard to say because Apple is doing phenomenally, but according to industry analysts, changes are coming.

As Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned industry analyst famous for his accurate information and predictions on Apple, suggests, in 2022 the company’s offerings will expand to include an iPhone with a 6.7-inch screen size costing under $900. If this turns out to be true, fans of the brand will have the opportunity to buy a device in the size previously reserved for the iPhone 12 Pro Max model, whose price starts at $1099. That represents a $200 savings, so it’s not hard to imagine that there will be plenty of takers for such purchases – what’s more, the iPhone 14 lineup is expected to consist of variants with panels ranging from 6.1 to 6.7 inches, so it’s easy to see the absence of the 5.4-inch Mini model here.

And this is no oversight, because according to Kuo, the Cupertino giant will abandon its small iPhone because this one is reportedly not selling as well as one would expect. In the network you can regularly read complaints that modern smartphones are too big, but when it comes to shopping, most users choose larger models, so it’s hard to expect manufacturers to deliver to the market equipment on which they do not earn. This is well confirmed by the market research that Apple commissioned some time ago and that we learned about during the company’s court battle with Epic Games – the report shows that many users choose models larger than 6 inches, and on top of that they are more inclined to Samsung’s offer than Apple’s.

The Americans have decided to listen to the voice of the users, especially since all smartphone manufacturers feel a certain slowdown in the market and have to focus on what will bring them a certain profit. If Apple has decided to make a cheaper version of the big iPhone, then we have a clear message that users expect cheaper and bigger smartphones and there is no point in arguing with them. Of course, there is still more than a year left until the release of the iPhone 14, because before that the models numbered 13 will hit the market, but in this case we still have to set ourselves to spend more than $1000 – will some users decide to wait in the face of new reports? Apple has to reckon with it.

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