Are you worried about 5G? This USB flash drive with quantum technology rushes to the rescue

While most internet users are curiously looking forward to the widespread implementation of 5G, as we well know there are those who claim that this one carries negative health effects.

Ba, on the occasion of the coronavirus pandemic, we even heard that 5G networks are the source of it, even though this is scientifically impossible. However, some conspiracy groups claim otherwise, examples of which we can see in many places in Europe – first we heard about torched masts of mobile networks in the UK and Italy, and recently a similar infamous incident took place in Poland, or more precisely in Łódź, although as it eventually turned out… the torched mast wasn’t even from 5G. Unfortunately, such behaviors, instead of being stigmatized, are often praised, e.g. by politicians, so it’s safe to assume we’ll see more soon.

What if people who are convinced that 5G networks are harmful got a device that protects them from the negative effects of this technology? A USB stick costing $346 is on its way to the market with a breakthrough quantum technology that protects our bodies. As the BBC reports, a company called BioShield Distribution is advertising its 5GBioShield product, which “provides protection for you and your family, all through a holographic nano-layer catalyst that can be worn or placed next to a smartphone or other electrical device that emits electromagnetic radiation (EMF).”

This is not the end of the revelations, because although the device resembles an ordinary USB stick with a nice sticker, the manufacturer assures that “through the process of quantum oscillation, the 5GBioShield USB dongle restores the balance and harmony of harmful frequencies from electric fog caused by devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, WiFi networks, etc. Moreover, the device also emits frequencies that support our life force and overall body revitalization.” As we mentioned, the device costs $346, but the manufacturer also offers a 3-pack to protect your family and then we can expect a promotional price of $973.

Almost free, right? Well, okay, but malice aside, here we are dealing with an ordinary USB stick that can be bought for about $6, as confirmed by the device testing company, Pen Test Partners. But the two executives of BioShield Distribution are still in denial, claiming the effectiveness of their technology and throwing around science-fiction formulas (they’re even talking about quantum entanglement at the DNA level!), but as you can guess they’re not “authorized to share these manufacturing secrets”. In short, someone has decided to make quite a bit of money off of people negatively twisted on 5G networks, and it’s not hard to imagine how many people will be fooled this way… we’d be curious to look into such statistics.

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