Armenian IPTV channels: links to download free playlists 2021

Armenian broadcasts on IPTV channels will be available to everyone who downloads and saves the playlist for later viewing on your computer, Smart TV. The procedure does not require any special knowledge and skills. You just need to have a software player, compatible with m3u lists, and the playlists themselves. Files can be downloaded from several publicly available sources. The links to them will be given below.

Playlist of Armenian channels for IPTV 2022

There are several ways to download the playlist necessary for comfortable, full-fledged viewing. Using the search phrase “armenia” or “armenian channels m3u”. You can find ready playlists on shant resource. There are also free and self-updating selections available in premium resolution. The latter circumstance is especially convenient for the user: no need to worry that some TV channels will be unavailable.


Armenia flag and coat of arms

Below is a sample set of links for downloading:


You just need to save the downloaded list in the Smart TV menu, set-top box or on your computer’s hard drive. And then start watching channels.

Channel list

List compilers offer viewers a variety of options. For example, playlist for 10 positions, which includes:

  • “H1”;
  • “Radio Van 103.0”;
  • “SONG TV”;
  • “TBN”;
  • “US Armenia”;
  • “ARTN Shant”;
  • “HorizonTV”;
  • “Luys.”

Conveniently, there are various topics of broadcasts – news, philosophical, entertainment, even radio. You can choose the repertoire to your taste.

Armenia Comedy Channel

The next list is more extensive. There are five times more items. It includes Armenia Comedy, Filmzone, Haykino, Tuntunik, Russia RTR, NTV, Shanson, TV5, Viasat, and others.

The selections are downloaded for free, and usually start playing immediately without any additional action by the user.

Playlist installation

The standard procedure of downloading, saving the playlist does not require any special knowledge from the user. You need to do the following steps:

  1. Turn on the PC or Smart TV.
  2. Click the link, select the position “Playlist Download” in the menu.
  3. Make sure that the format of the downloaded file is m3u.
  4. Save the file with TV channels.

After these steps, you can start watching, plunging into the magical world of news, entertainment, comedy, or music channels.

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