Artificial intelligence due to a virus was used against people in China

Chinese authorities are no longer satisfied with drones, tens of millions of cameras and advanced robots for permanent surveillance of society. Now residents will be tracked by artificial intelligence and informed by services.

Currently, several hundred million citizens in the Middle Kingdom are under forced quarantine in cities and villages. Their rights have been severely restricted. In most outbreak areas, residents are absolutely forbidden to leave their homes for 3 to 6 days. It is safe to say that they are under house arrest, where some of them will simply die.

According to recent data, as many as 80 percent of SARS-CoV-2 virus victims die in their homes. Hospitals are overcrowded, and there is a wait of up to a week for a test to detect the virus. Most elderly people don’t make it to that point. It is important to note here that several thousand people have already died as a result of the outbreak from causes unrelated to the pathogen infection itself.

Elderly, sick people are locked in apartments, and when they feel worse, they have to rely only on themselves, because there is not the slightest chance that an ambulance will come to them and take them to the hospital. Currently in Wuhan, doctors don’t even pay attention to people who show up at the hospital after accidents or even with simple limb fractures.

International human rights organizations have raised the alarm over the restriction of freedom for hundreds of millions of people. Despite the fact that there is an epidemic and the authorities must do everything to bring the situation under control, the organizations report that the military and police are brutally cracking down on people who do not follow their orders. This includes not only arrest, severe fines, but also beatings and torture, and even execution.

Authorities have decided to block access to the global network via VPN and use artificial intelligence technology to detect people who do not wear protective masks in public places. City surveillance, drones and robots use technology developed by Baidu to detect the absence of masks with 96 percent efficiency. Unwilling individuals are identified and a police patrol is quickly dispatched to them. If a citizen continues to refuse to wear a mask and take better care of personal hygiene, they will be taken into custody.

In the case of people who have contracted the virus, have visible symptoms and are detected by street thermal cameras, and appear on the street and behave dangerously, the services have the right to shoot such a citizen on the spot under the pretext of a security threat. Organizations fighting for human rights in China report that such incidents in Hubei province are a daily occurrence.

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