ASUS Giftbox what is this program, how to remove it completely

Why do I need ASUS Giftbox and how to uninstall it?

Hello. If you are a happy owner of Asus computer hardware, then you probably had to work with various proprietary utilities – to control the cooling system of your laptop or to optimize graphics in games. Today I want to tell you about ASUS Giftbox what this program is, whether you need it, how to remove it or disable it for a while.


This is how the name of the application ASUS Giftbox translates from English. You can download it on the official page of the project – here is the link. But is it worth doing?

Giftbox download page

The software is designed to be installed on laptops of this manufacturer. Its main task is to give you access to the best games and applications that are compatible with the Windows operating system. This is an excellent replacement for Microsoft’s proprietary store. Although, for “10” there is no point in installing the utility, because this version of the OS provides similar functionality by default. But for Windows 7, Giftbox can be a godsend.

This is what the “Giftbox” interface looks like:

Giftbox main window

At the top of the window you can see 5 categories, which include both paid and free content. Every day you will receive notifications about discounts or the possibility to download software “for free”. Notifications can be disabled in the settings.

To help you understand if you should install this or that software, you will see a rating based on user ratings.

If you have a question how to disable ASUS Giftbox, I hasten to please you – the utility does not “hang” in the background and almost does not consume system resources. It only works when you run it. Therefore, there is no point in stopping it.

I cannot say anything good or bad about the appropriateness of using the Asus Giftbox. Some people are delighted with this application, while others do not see the need for it. You can download, try it, if you do not like it, uninstall it!

How to remove ASUS Giftbox?

This task is not particularly difficult and boils down to the standard uninstall procedure. You can follow a simple way:

  • Go to the Control PanelFind “Programs / Components” (for Windows 10) or “Add/Remove Programs”. (for Windows 7).
Programs / Control Panel Components
  • Another way to open the list of installed programs is to press Win + R on your keyboard and type in the command line:


  • Find unnecessary software in the list and right-click on it, select “Remove”. Or use the button at the top of the window:
Uninstalling programs

After the procedure is complete, you should clean the disk and the registry from traces of the software. To do this Download CCleaner and follow the steps in the in this video instruction.

Regards, Victor!

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