ATK Package: What is this program, is it necessary, how to download it?

ASUS ATK Package: What's the program and is it worth installing

Hello. If you own an ASUS notebook or a system unit with a motherboard from this manufacturer, in your system can find ATK Package – what kind of program is it, for what purposes is it used and is it worth removing? To all these questions, I will answer in today’s publication.

What is ATK?

It is a set of drivers and maintenance applications for ASUS hardware. With its help, you can squeeze out of the “iron” maximum performance, without affecting the stability of the computer. In fact, ATK stands for ASUS TeK (ASUS Technologies).

What is ASUS ATK Package?

What is included in the package?

  • Software to support hibernation as well as Sleep Mode;
  • GenericFunctionService controls the power consumption of devices;
  • Media ensures smooth operation of the audio/video player;
  • Hotkey – extends the use of the so-called “shortcut keys”, which speeds up access to the necessary applications/functions;
  • O S D – this utility allows you to use the function keys properly in combination with the Fn button (I told about it in more detail in in a previously published review).

ASUS ATK Package what this program is – we solved it. In a nutshell, it helps your computer to interact better with the connected hardware, adds new controls for PC settings, improves performance in games and while watching videos.

How do I install it?

If this set of utilities and drivers is not installed on your laptop by default, I recommend downloading ATK Package for Windows by following the link to the official website. In my case, 10 different versions of the installer file were found. Of course, you must choose the “freshest” (by number and date), it is located at the beginning of the list:

ASUS ATK official website

Clicking on the inscription “Global” with the image of a floppy disk, we start the process of downloading the archive with the utility. Then we unzip the downloaded item and inside we see two items. The installation (or update) is done using the file “Setup”:

Installation is done in the usual way. You just start, in each window press the “Next” button. You will be asked to restart your computer. Agree or leave it for later (if you need it).

What is the ATK Package and is it needed? I hope I have given a detailed answer to the first part of the question. Whether you should install it or not is up to you. But you get exactly the performance gain, which is not bad.

Tell us about your experiences with this utility. I would like to know your opinion, which you can share in the comments.

Regards, Victor!

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