Auto redial on Android: how to enable and configure the function on your phone

Smartphone is a universal tool for communication between people at a distance. In this regard, manufacturers of smart devices come up with various functions that make communication more convenient. As one of the useful options that simplify communication, you can consider autodialing on the Android operating system. It is present on most modern devices, including push-button phones.

What is autodialing and why it is needed

First, it is important to understand what an autodialer is. In fact, the deciphering of the meaning of the function lies in its name. Auto redial is an option that allows you to automatically dial a busy number until the caller picks up.


For a complete idea of why this function is needed, let’s look at a simple example. Let’s say you need to get in touch with a person urgently, but when you dial a number you hear short beeps indicating that the caller is on another line. In such a situation, you can call back on your own in 5-10 minutes. But, first, it is a waste of time. Secondly, not the fact that the person will still pick up the phone.

Auto redial is ready to help, which will continue to dial until the subscriber on the other end of the line answers the call. And if this function is not frequently used when communicating with friends and acquaintances, it is simply indispensable for outgoing calls to hotlines and call centers, as the waiting time for an answer on a multi-channel line can take up to several dozen minutes.


Enabling the system function

Understanding the importance of autodialing, the developers of all kinds of smartphones equip their devices with the function of automatic dialing before answering the call. And this applies to both well-known brands like Samsung and relatively unpopular devices. Regardless of what kind of phone you’re holding in your hands, the option is activated as follows:

  • Open the device settings.


  • Go to “System Applications,” and then select “Phone.”


  • Go to “Advanced Settings”, and then in the window that opens, move the slider next to “Auto redial” to the active position.


Similarly, you will be able to disable the function by moving the slider to the left. Note that although the option is available on all modern devices and is activated in about the same way, the names of some menu items may be different. In addition, the autodialing adjustment is available directly through the Phone app in the settings section.


Tip. If you can’t find the option to activate the auto-dial function, use the search box provided in the device settings. Enter the query “Auto redial”, and then the phone will immediately show the section with the necessary options.

Third-party applications

Despite the widespread use of autodialing, not every user can find the option in the phone settings. And the matter here is not only in the possible absence of the function, but also inattention of the owner. Be that as it may, you will always have an alternative option to activate automatic dialing. To use it, it is enough to install on your smartphone one of the special applications available in Play Market.

“Auto Dialer” from Water Labs

One of the simplest, but at the same time functional program is an application with a telling name “Auto Dialer”. You can easily find it on Google Play and install it on your phone for free. Next, you will need to do the following:

  • Launch the application.


  • Grant all permissions, including access to the list of contacts.
  • To enable the option, specify the duration of autodialing (in seconds or minutes), the interval between outgoing calls, and the number of the caller.
  • Press the green button with the image of a handset.


Then the smartphone will start calling the specified number until the caller answers the incoming call. Note that the duration of the call will directly depend on the selected parameters. That is, if the specified contact does not answer the call within the specified time, you will have to enter new parameters to call again. This is a certain inconvenience of the program, which is supplemented by the need to use this application for outgoing calls without any alternative.

“Autodialer” from lithiumS

The application with the same name is produced by the lithiumS studio. You can install the program on your phone by clicking the “Install” button in the Play Market store. The algorithm of further actions will be similar to the one we discussed earlier, but the settings of the lithiumS studio utility are slightly different:

  • Start the program and give permissions.


  • Enter the number.
  • Specify the number of calls, as well as the intervals between them.


  • Click on the “Start” button.


A small advantage of this utility is the ability to dial through a thumbnail copy of the application window. This option allows you to go about your business while the program makes a call to the caller.

“Autodialer Expert” from lithiumS

Another program from the lithiumS studio that has a wider functionality. It is supported on all devices with Android 6 and above, allowing you to set up autodialing as follows:

  • Install and run the app.


  • After giving all the necessary permissions, specify the number to dial.


  • Specify the interval between calls and the number of calls.


  • Press the “Start dialing” button.


A distinctive feature of the expert version of “Auto redial” is the ability to dial an extension. This is an addition to the contact data, which is intended for contacting a specific department or call center employee. Another additional option is the choice of scenarios for making a call, as well as setting up outgoing calls with automatic dialing for multiple callers at once.

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