Backing up 1C data with Effector Saver 3 archiving settings

Backing up 1C data with Effector Saver 3

Data backup is a universal mechanism of personal information protection. It allows you to prevent partial or complete loss of data due to technical problems, software malfunction, theft, viruses and other unforeseen events. To insure yourself and significantly save time and effort spent on backups, it is recommended to back up your information regularly with the help of specialized software Effector Saver 3, whose settings we are now going to discuss.

Software features

Effector Saver is the ideal solution for organizing automatic backups of home computers:

  • save your files and folders;
  • Keep copies of your photos, videos, documents.

Auxiliary arsenal Effector saver, several reasons to use backup software instead of copying files manually:

  • the task scheduler, which allows you to automatically start tasks at a set interval;
  • You can also encrypt data archives. Strong (AES) encryption support;
  • Backup compression. Support of backup archive format Zip;
  • Sending reports with the results of completed tasks to the user by email.

Example of usage

In this article we’ll set up automatic backups with Esaver as an example.

Install the program on your computer. You can download Effector saver from the official website.

After the first launch, you will need to configure the autorun “Agent”, go to “Service” – “Program Options” – “Launch Options”. Launch Agent as an application.

Launch the Effector Saver

Effector Saver 3 Backup settings

  • On the Toolbar, select “Tasks” – “Add Task”.
Button Add task in Effector Saver.
  • Check the “Include files in the archive” box.
Choose option to add files to archive.
  • The Files tab. Fill in the “File Path:” field and choose what you want to copy. In our case we will copy the “Saved Photos” folder, press “OK”.
Specify the location of files to be backed up
  • The “Archive Setup” tab. Click the Browse button (…) to specify where the archives should be saved, click “OK”.
Configure the Effector Saver archives
  • The “Schedule” tab – Here you can set the frequency of the current task.
Schedule Effector Saver
  • Once the desired settings have been set, check the “Run Task” checkbox. Click the “Save” button.
Launch task option.
  • In the next step, mark our task. Choose the Tasks – Run Now menu.
Tasks - Execute
  • After that, Effector saver will start creating a backup. In order to view the backup file, select “Files” – “Open file” from the “Files” menu.
Opening a backup file

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