Big in the Tiny: Beata Śniechowska with MasterChef

Beata Śniechowska – the winner of MasterChef program was a guest of Filip Nowobilski. What’s best, she managed to prepare some delicious dishes – all while sitting in the passenger seat of a Fiat 126p!

Filip Nowobilski: Who was your greatest culinary authority among your household?

Beata ŚniechowskaMy grandmother Ada. She was an artist, a painter and a perfect home cook. She showed me how to combine flavors and paint pictures on the plate. After all, we also eat with our eyes.

When did you realize that you were going to cook for a living?

– I remember it very well. I was 6, maybe 7 years old. I used my first camera to take pictures of the dishes I conjured up. My parents wondered why I was photographing food instead of eating it. I explained to them that it was for my future cookbook. I felt that there would be a lot of cooking in my life.

I wanted to be a footballer as a young boy, but I didn’t have the talent. I don’t think you initially connected your career with cooking either.

– I started my career at the Wrocław University of Technology, but I was very good at science. I was looking for myself because I finished different majors. I finished computer science, management, environmental engineering. In the last one I also did my doctorate. I defended my degree, but inside I was not happy. I thought I should do something else. I decided to take a risk and start pursuing my passion seriously.

Did the risk pay off?

– I turned my life upside down, but it was the best decision of my life. Of course there were a lot of fears, but they have all dissipated. I breathe and live better now. I wish others the same.

You probably would have made a professorship, but you did something different. No one can boast what you have.

– I don’t consider the time I spent in polytechnics as lost. My analytical thinking and willingness to do my best has stayed with me, except that I use it differently.

Would you encourage others to make such revolutions?

– Of course. You have to believe in yourself and even if the universe does not support it. This taste of victory is indescribable. It was the best thing I could do for myself and my loved ones.

On your website you write that your biggest dream is to open a restaurant with interesting cuisine. When do you start?

– The idea is already here. It is actually supposed to be an unconventional cuisine. But everything I do in my life brings me closer to this goal. But I am a perfectionist and I am waiting for the right moment. I feel it will be soon.

You give the impression of being a happy person. What does this happiness stem from?

– Many factors, but I achieved inner peace and happiness only when I started cooking. A fulfilled person is happy.

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