Big in the Tiny: Clairvoyant Christopher Jackowski

He saved Pershing’s life, predicted the bankruptcy of American banks, helped find murderers, and has over seven hundred solved cases on his list. The guest of Filip Nowobilski in the 126th episode of the “Big in the Car” series is clairvoyant Krzysztof Jackowski.

Filip Nowobilski: How does this whole process look like for you? What do you need to determine what happened somewhere?

Krzysztof Jackowski: Let me put it this way, if you were missing, that blouse taken off yesterday, thrown in the laundry basket, that’s the best element to make a vision about you. And to show it more vividly?

– But I would have to be cheeky for a moment. Let us talk for a moment, while I fiddle with your glasses. I see they’re not cheap and you’ve chosen them to suit your taste. And I’ll play with them. Does that annoy you? A little, yes, because this is your private, personal business.

But in general, I should take my glasses off before the interview!

– No, no, no. In fact, every single thing we own, no matter how much it costs, is doused by us with a psychic scent. By holding such glasses, you can feel your ego, your personality, and that is already the key to making visions.

You think that’s how it works. What recent issue have you solved by being able to tap into someone else’s closet?

– I might not have had as much success, even with the missing, I have found over 700 bodies in the last twenty years, 700 graves in Poland! Please, sir, my own, that is, with my help these people were buried. Maybe later fate would make someone accidentally find these corpses, maybe not for some. But I found these people, I pointed them out.

Are you able to help every person who comes to you?

And you refused people only for their reasons.

– In different ways. There are mentally ill people.

And the underclassmen?

– Like I said, I’ve been doing this for thirty years. I made a vision for Pershing, the head of the Pruszkow mafia. I knew him personally. I saved Pershing’s life. A man named Slowik, who was very close to Pershing at the time, is a witness to this. When I said half a year ahead that in Ozarow on Witos Street two people would drive up to this house, shoot and kill him, do you know that he avoided it? He didn’t go near that house in March, he lived in a hotel in Warsaw. His wife and daughter lived in that house, and when he wanted something from the house, he sent a man – Florek had a pseudonym for that man. He sent him near the house in his car and this Florek was shot. He was shot by Dziada’s brother, a madman and some gangster from Gdańsk.

And how did Pershing repay you for saving his life?

– He gave me a thousand dollars.

That was a lot for those days.

– A lot. He gave it to me in front of Slowik. He was in hiding. He left Warsaw. He didn’t show up for a month because he was afraid. He had a problem. That’s what it looked like.

And he didn’t use your services again after that?

– Pershing used my services for the rest of his life. I couldn’t keep away from him after that. I remember that he often came to pick me up, took me to Warsaw. A couple of times I was with him. It was called “Night club go go at Polonia”. Pruszkow had evening meetings there. Some cream of the crop of that time gathered there and probably the whole Pruszkow would gather. I made visions to Pershing many times. He was a gangster, but a man with charisma. He had principles and if he had been a businessman in those days, he would have been a very good businessman. Unfortunately – he was a gangster.

And didn’t that clash? You talk a lot about God, you are a religious person and at the same time you helped a bad man.

– There is no difference – good or bad. This man first came to me because his Mercedes was lost. A sporty Mercedes and I told him that this Mercedes was stolen from him by a man he knows well and this man has a symbol. A big spider on his hand. He was a Belarussian who, by the way, often drove this car before it was stolen and had a spider tattooed on his arm. He was shocked that I said that. This Belarusian said two weeks before the theft that he had a sick mother in Belarus and he had to go to her. He did not come back. He didn’t get that car back, but what I said and about that spider on his hand for him was shocking. Pershing came to see me very often, asked mostly about his safety. About his situation and surprisingly, these visions worked out well for him.

Okay, and what does it look like if you were to describe your thoughts. You get Pershing’s outfit and in your imagination you see what happens then and there?

– No. It wasn’t like that. He asked me, there was a situation where these mobs were protecting some places and they were competing with each other. And there, where Pershing’s people were guarding a pub, his competitors planted an explosive device on the roof and he asked me to come by train, stand in that place, think about who could have done it and whether there would be any other attempts to plant bombs and such things. I was there, I said my opinion and that was all. Otherwise – I described it in my book, autobiography. “My friend Pershing” – there is such a chapter. I never covered my acquaintance with this man. In retrospect, 2017. and the 1990s is a different period. It was the change of regime and, sir, these people, these criminal groups acted with the permission of the police (. )

You talk about 2017, often somewhere on the Internet visions of your authorship resound. Does it happen that they do not come true?

– My annual visions are connected to one year. You must take this into account. With 2007. when I was asked what was going to happen next year, 2008, and then I said a very naive thing, which was that I said something bad was going to happen to the banks in mid-September 2008. End of sentence. On September 15, 2008, to be exact, the first, largest American banks went bankrupt.

Then the avalanche moved on to the world. Since then, it has become customary for editors to come to me and ask what will happen in the next year. In fact, I don’t specialize in predicting the years or politics. Because it’s hard to be unbiased. We are living in our hell – the Polish-Polish war – and you get caught up in it and you can’t shake it all off and get a clean look.

Once upon a time Pruszków, Wolomin and others ran on these streets. They ran as criminals. And now a criminal is a very elegant, exclusive man.

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