Bill Gates watched the series Chernobyl and wants to build residential nuclear reactors

The most popular series in the history of HBO, has brought worldwide attention to the dangers of nuclear power. Meanwhile, Gates believes the solution to the problem will be to build a new generation of safe nuclear reactors.

Bill Gates watched the series Chernobyl and wants to build residential nuclear reactors

The second richest man on the planet is trying to turn our planet into a better place for millions of people. Last year, with his world’s largest private charitable foundation, he focused on the problem of free access to toilets and clean water for people in the world’s poorest countries, as well as eliminating polio, Alzheimer’s and influenza, among other issues.

This year, he intends to strongly urge the world’s richest countries to invest more in nuclear power, and the United States to become a world leader in this field. Gates is investing in projects to build a new generation of compact depleted uranium or thorium reactors that will not only be much safer than traditionally used reactors, but can also be installed in urban neighborhoods and provide electricity directly to residents.

The billionaire says nuclear power could be ideally suited to help combat ever-faster climate change. It is the only carbon-free, scalable energy source available 24 hours a day. All the problems associated with the threat of nuclear power, we can solve through innovation.

Gates sees great potential in Traveling Wave Reactors (TWRs). These are Generation IV nuclear reactors in which fuel materials are transmuted into fuel as fissile material is burned up. Such a device operates on depleted uranium or natural thorium. The reactor could theoretically operate self-sustainably for decades, without supplying fuel or removing spent fuel from the reactor.

The Microsoft co-founder will be encouraging world governments to invest in these technologies, and this is due to the latest economic war being waged between the United States and China. Gates has been experimenting in the Middle Kingdom for several years with his company TerraPower. Unfortunately, a plan led by Donald Trump to transform the U.S. into a new leader of the entire world and curb China’s imperial expansion has dashed Bill Gates’ visions.

The billionaire hopes to get along with the new U.S. president and create the first fully functional next-generation nuclear reactors already on his country’s territory, and later make it a world power in this field. Experts believe that the success of these plans will mean a better quality of life for millions of people living on our planet. This type of technology will also be far superior to renewable energy technologies and could meet our energy needs until the first commercial fusion reactors, known as artificial suns, are developed.

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