Black day for eSports fans after Florida massacre. “These are hidden killers”.

The world of e-sports is experiencing the worst moments in its history. A shooting in the US has sparked a wave of criticism against electronic entertainment, games and gamers themselves.

A shooting occurred last night in Jacksonville, Florida, during the Madden NFL 19 e-sports tournament, leaving 3 people dead and 11 seriously injured. 24-year-old David Katz opened fire on the eSports players and later took his own life. According to police findings, the boy started shooting in the Good Luck Have Fun game room at a Chicago Pizza restaurant. He had earlier dropped out of a Madden tournament dedicated to American football, and this prompted him to trigger the shooting. The player came to the tournament specifically from Baltimore.

“The tragic situation that took place in Jacksonville on Sunday was a senseless act of violence that we strongly condemn. Our deepest sympathies go out to the families of the victims and the injured. All of us at Electronic Arts are shocked by this horrific event. Our focus now is on those affected and supporting law enforcement as they continue to investigate this crime,” – Electronic Arts officials wrote in a statement.

Another shooting in Florida, and the first at an eSports event, has sparked a wave of criticism in the United States about the harmfulness of video games and too easy access to firearms. Recall that recently the World Health Organization (WHO) included game addiction in the list of mental illnesses. At that time, there was also a debate in the media about the need for more government and organizational control over the digital entertainment market and gun sales. There have even been claims that gamers are “hidden killers” who, for no good reason, can devise a plan in their heads, get a gun, and bring about the death of many innocent lives.

The truth is, however, that video games, movies, or books that deal with murder and shootings do not, in a mentally healthy person, cause aggression and a desire to carry out fictional action in the real world.

Psychopaths have been in the world since the dawn of time, are and will be. Video games are irrelevant here, as they are only a means. On the other hand, organizations should lean more into young people who don’t see the world outside of digital entertainment, because like any other addiction, they have a devastating effect not only on themselves, but can ultimately end up like yesterday’s shooting in Jacksonville.

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