Black Desert Discord: a description of the official servers, a list of other sites

To communicate and share experiences, users create different communities – servers. Some are created by users from one country and then offered to participants from other regions. Black Desert group, created on the platform of the Discord application, was announced to Russian players in 2020. To start using the utility, you need to read the instructions and features of use (commands, requests, other things).


The game is developed by Korean programmers PearlAbyss.


Features and nuances of the game flow:

  • The platform is massive, which means that participants have access to an unlimited number;
  • at the initial stage, the player must create a character (appearance, occupation, other nuances), then on his behalf begin to interact with the reality of the game. Attention! A distinctive detail – the process does not stop when the user logs out. As long as the user is inactive, the avatar’s “life” continues. Different events can happen – negative, positive, the consequences of which the owner of the profile will have to eliminate;
  • the game is usually divided into raids, in which different users participate.

To achieve the necessary result, players often unite in different kinds of teams (clans, communities, guilds). To quickly exchange information, gain additional experience and protection, use separate sites such as Discord.

You can join the communication through the page



This is one of the many servers that allow you to communicate on the topic of the game. Download it at Installation instructions:

  • Go to the specified page;
  • read the information provided (tags, description, features);
  • click on the “Login” button;
  • activate your Discord account (enter username and password);
  • start chatting and searching for like-minded people.

Attention! The advantage of the community is the ability to get a separate role on the server. Additional rights are granted by the administrator. To get the desired status, you need to switch to private messages with user Ceberlol.


Black Desert RU

This is the official Russian-language server of the game. Available at Instructions:

  • go to the site;
  • register or log into an existing account;
  • read the requirements and rules;
  • start communicating.

The server has been working with Russian-speaking players since 2020. There are more than 10,000 participants. The service is constantly updated, new features and options are added.


Other servers

If these addresses are not suitable, the player can look at other options and servers. For example:

  • Tiberium Desert – suitable for BDO strikers using the Discord platform;
  • Acharnes BDO – raids are arranged by 10 participants, on weekends by 20;
  • GamezBD – updated version of the same name server for the game;
  • New Age – designed for PvP, an announcement of a rapid increase in the rating of the character;
  • Shadow Desert – private server, allows you to improve the characteristics and increase the loot;
  • Black Desert Remastered by Innova – community by user, provides access to the Russian communication channels of Pearl Abyss.

Players can choose a suitable server, trying different options one by one. Communities differ in communication style, internal requirements and other characteristics.


To get more experience, pumping character users need a team. To find like-minded people in the game use Discord servers. In addition to communication, the user can get tips on the passage, tips, videos and photos of the material.

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