Bose SoundLink Revolve test – speaker for home and picnic

Bose SoundLink Revolve is a Bluetooth speaker ideal for vacations. It looks original, plays fabulous and works wirelessly. This is a speaker that you can take with you on a picnic or to the beach.

The Bose family of wireless speakers is growing. All of the available devices boast great sound quality, but two new models in the range can do much more. The SoundLink Revolve and Revolve+ speakers offer 360 o sound, which comes in handy when we want to share our favorite music with others. The Revolve and Revolve+ speakers differ in size and power, but work on the same principle. We had the opportunity to test the smaller one.

What does it look like?

The SoundLink Revolve wireless speaker is not a development of any previous Bose designs, it is a device created completely from scratch. The designers’ goal was to redefine the relationship between the size of the unit and the sound emitted, while ensuring that the battery capacity was adequate. A completely new acoustic package was developed and then fitted into a cylindrical shape. Because of this, the Revolve speaker has no “front” or “back”. It emits sound of the same quality in 360 o , so they do not have to face the music recipient (of whom there may be several).

The appearance of the Revolve speaker is. non-trivial. You can joke that the equipment looks like a thermos, thermal cup or vase, but for the shape of a tube that expands downwards, it’s a really thoughtful design. The Revolve measures 152 by 82 by 82 mm (height by width by depth) while weighing 660 grams. The Revolve+ model is slightly larger and heavier, but this in no way takes away from its mobility. There are two color versions available in the market: black and silver.

The speaker itself is made superbly. The material dominating the finish of the cylinder is aluminum, with the upper control panel covered with a thick layer of rubber. This is so that the equipment does not get wet when listening to music in the rain. This is entirely possible, as the speaker meets the IPX4 protection rating. This waterproof certification guarantees protection against rain, but not against swimming. The Revolve is unlikely to be recommended to take with you to the pool, unless as a piece of equipment well away from the swimming pool.

The Bose speaker is made very solidly, in no way can you complain about the fit of the materials or their quality. What’s more, both units have a 1/4″ thread on the bottom for easy tripod mounting. Thanks to this, we can enjoy the music from Revolve in the garden, park or any other outdoor place.

We should also praise the control panel, which is simple, clear and intuitive to use – there are no unnecessary buttons and elements. The rubber used works well in everyday use.

How does it sound?

Bose SoundLink Revolve sounds sensational. The spectacular effect is achieved by isolating the increased pressure, thus creating a kind of bass trap that eliminates any sound distortion. This ensures that the speaker emits sound of the same quality in every direction with perceptible bass. This is a huge advantage even over competing 360o speakers that offer one specific reference listening point.

The sound emitted by the Revolve is spacious, clear, and yet appropriately dynamic Of course, not all genres of music sound equally good on the Revolve. Bose audio devices are very kind to widely understood electronics, so if you prefer that style, you should be satisfied. Moderat’s New Error is pure poetry to the ear, although Muse’s rocking Map of the Problematique sounds really good on the Revolve, too.

With the SoundLink Revolve, size doesn’t matter. The speaker is very compact but still plays really loud. It will provide music for a few or even a dozen people gathered around a barbecue or at the beach. That’s not all. With multiple Revolve speakers, you can engage them in Party Mode, which allows you to play the same music simultaneously on multiple devices (previous Bose speakers already have this feature). I only had one speaker available as part of my test, so I didn’t have a chance to test this in a combat environment.

Since the Bose SoundLink Revolve is a wireless speaker, an important aspect is its runtime. The manufacturer says about 12 hours of continuous listening and this result is as much as possible to achieve in everyday conditions. Of course, it is unlikely that someone will listen to music non-stop for 12 hours (his phone will be discharged sooner), so with intensive use of Revolve I had to charge it on average once a week. If you listen to music “on holidays”, you will forget about the fact that the speaker needs to be charged at all.

The new Bose speaker works seamlessly with Siri and Google Now voice assistants, and is easy to control with the Bose Connect app.

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