Bots in Telegram: the top 14 best and interesting assistants and what they do

For the convenience of using the Telegram application, special robot assistants have been created to help replace dozens of services. Bots in the social network Telegram are accounts managed by software. The directories are usually categorized according to their purpose. Bots help to download audio, video files, books, earn without investment and more. There is a top of the most popular robot assistants, which we will talk about next.

Top of the best bots in Telegram

Utilities execute commands from the user, answer questions, saving time. Bots in Telegram function as search engines, reminders, training services, take part in chats. Robots act as an intermediary between humans and web resources. Let’s take a look at the utilities that made it into the top of the best Telegram bots.

Bots in Telegram


Refers to the category “Business and Finance”. With this robot the user does not have to open the browser to check the exchange rate. It shows the current exchange rate of the dollar, the euro and the cost of a barrel of oil. Along with the exchange rate, it shows how much it went down or up today. The account works in Russian.



Game robots make the life of the user easier and more interesting. One of them is HangBot. Is a popular word game “Hangman. The player guesses the word from one letter, and it has a limited number of attempts. You can play with friends or in group chats. Examples of games can be found in special catalogs.



Regardless of the topic, channels or groups always have a circle of interested people to communicate, readers. For the project to be useful, the author will definitely have to conduct a survey among subscribers. For the convenience of such actions was developed robot-assistant PollBot, with the help of which are created polls for chat participants and options for answering them.



The purpose of the robot is to search for images. Correctly chosen image posted in a chat can sometimes say more words. Therefore, users prefer to use the helper to find a quality picture. All you have to do is tell the tool the word and it will instantly find the picture you are looking for.



With the helper you can quickly and easily find out the weather anywhere in the world. The user in the utility specifies his location to get information about the weather in his region. The bot queries the data in the selected region, determines the average value, and sends a message about the forecast.



There are Telegram bots that help to improve knowledge, prepare for exams. In many words of the Russian language there are doubts about the placement of accents. Such helper will help to accent words correctly and give the right answer if the user has made a mistake.


Youtube Audio Downloader

With this assistant you can download and convert links from a popular video hosting site to audio format. After watching an interesting video, the user can instantly download a track from it. To do this, just copy the link and paste it to the bot. It will automatically detect the audio file and start downloading. Now you can enjoy cool tracks from the videos.


Insta Downloader

An assistant robot designed to download photos and pictures from Instagram. It can also download videos from Youtube. Now users do not have to make a screenshot of images in the social network feed. The assistant will promptly download the image to the memory of the gadget.



Transforms photos with the help of neural networks and artificial intelligence. To do this, the user sends an image to the bot. Then the assistant processes it in an artistic style.


Telegram Store Bot

Considered the most important among Telegram bots. Allows you to stay abreast of new trends. The system service was provided by the developers of the social network Telegram. The interface of the utility is simple and straightforward. The main page contains the top popular programs at the moment according to the version of the robot.



This utility generates passwords regardless of their complexity and adds mnemonics for quick recall. Quickly generates passwords of any complexity.



A trading bot for a cryptocurrency exchange. The tool allows you to earn quickly with minimal risk, helps to achieve a stable result. The computer program works according to the algorithm set by the developer, making repetitive actions when buying and selling cryptocurrency.


Lifehacker bot

This utility is designed to notify the user about new interesting articles on the famous “Lifehacker” portal. With it, the user will always be aware of the latest news, as well as read the latest hacker articles among the first.


Corntime bot

This bot is designed for the easy search for movies, TV shows, and TV series. The user with the bot can add his favorite movie, show to the waiting program. The robot assistant will notify you when they are available at a certain time.


Installation and removal of the utility can be performed by a person with administrator rights.

Bots in the Telegram app help make it easier to use the program. Such assistants are especially relevant for business and busy people. Bots respond to user commands, automatically giving results on a given question.

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