Browser Mandarin download and “kill” your computer. DO YOU WANT?

If social networks, Youtube recommend you to download Tangerine Browser from the official site, do not rush to download it, install it and, moreover, use it. This application is very popular, but it hides a considerable threat to your computer.

Mandarin Browser

How to earn with Mandarin Browser?

The developers assure that their application is unique in its kind. It is enough to run it, get an individual PIN-code (you need it for the subsequent withdrawal of funds), and every hour you will get money on your balance. You’ll see Mandarin Ads on every website – at the top of the page and on the right.

If you want, you can turn off teasers for a while, but then the “income” will decrease.

In general – the scheme works. This is a legitimate income, but you are unlikely to get rich. Here are approximate figures for 1 hour of browser activity:

And don’t forget that you give 10% to charity!

It won’t be hard to calculate how much you’ll gain in a month. It might be enough for a couple of loaves of bread. But this is not all the opportunities that the developer of this software gives us.

Mandarin Browser Affiliate Program

This is where millions of money are buried! All you have to do is register in the “affiliate program”, log into your personal cabinet and create a referral link there:

Now send it to all your friends, acquaintances and relatives and use any channels for attracting affiliates. After all, for each referral you get on account 10 rubles + 5% of his income..

That’s why you can find dozens of complimentary Mandarin browser review videos on Youtube. Bloggers with a large base of subscribers can attract thousands of new users and passively earn until this “feed” is shut down:

But, thanks to our efforts, some revealing videos appeared in YouTube search results (one of them you can watch at the end of the article, another one on Dmitriy Kostin’s channel). But didn’t we say that everything is legal and fair? Yes, but there is one secret of this wonderful software.

What is Mandarin browser hiding?

Not a single modern antivirus scolds the application, the firewall does not show any suspicious network activity. But while using the web browser, the processor is heavily loaded. With one open tab the load is 10-15%, if there are 3 tabs – about 40% of CPU resources are consumed. Well, 6 or more sites – it is over 60% of the load. And so on and so forth.

And when you open task managerTo understand what process is slowing down your computer, you find that “Tangerine” has nothing to do with it. However, Miner However, the miner cleverly hides its activity – the indicators drop sharply, and when you minimize the window, the system starts “slowing down” again. That is, while you are not looking at the list of processes, the browser consumes the maximum CPU resources.

As a result – the life of the “iron” decreases, because such equipment is not designed for prolonged work in intensive mode.

If you don’t believe us, watch our video, where the last minutes show all this “magic”:

This is a Mandarin browser. Many people want to download it, but very few think about the consequences. After all, it’s more important to earn 50 rubles a month doing nothing. And then spend 100 times more on computer repair.

What do you think about it?


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