Browser Via for Android – the lightest, fastest and ad-free browser

There are several dozens of mobile browsers with their pros and cons available in the official Google Play store. Today we will consider Via web browser, which is almost devoid of disadvantages and is the optimal solution for Android devices.

Browser Via

Clean Browser!

If you download, install this application, launch it, you immediately notice the absence of all sorts of widgets, news blocks, bookmarks, etc., which is typical for 98% of modern browsers. The home page is almost empty – there is only the Google bar (you can choose another search engine in the settings). Even the Via logo can be easily removed or replaced by your own image/text in the appearance settings:

Browser Via for Android - the lightest, fastest and advertising-free browser

At the top is the name of the page and there is a refresh button, at the bottom are the navigation buttons, the tab manager, access to the main menu. The following tools are available in it:

Browser Via for Android - the lightest, fastest and without ads
  • Activate night mode – The design of Via Browser becomes dark, the backlight level is reduced for more comfortable browsing;
  • Bookmark management Management of bookmarks (list of existing bookmarks and addition of new ones);
  • History – Which pages you’ve visited;
  • Downloads – Here you can find downloaded files (by default all items are placed in the “Downloads” folder);
  • Incognito – safe browsing, once you leave the site all data is deleted;
  • Save page – can be downloaded to your phone for later reading even without an Internet connection. To do this, open the “Archive”;
  • Translation. While 2 directions are available – into English and Chinese;
  • Graphics: yes/no/wifi only – you can control the display of graphical content on the site, disable completely or allow only when connected to a wireless network;
  • Source code – one of the most important tools for the developer;
  • Network Log allows you to see links to all the page elements – icons, scripts, analytics, videos, etc. If necessary – add them to the hosts.txt file (Downloads folder) to block downloads.

See the video from our Youtube channel for a detailed review of all features. See it at the end of this publication.

Download Via browser for Android

Advantages and disadvantages of Via browser

Like any software, Via browser has strengths and weaknesses. Although the latter are very few.

The low weight is a little over 1.5Mb;

Full blocking of ads and trackers;

The ability to turn off graphics for a particular site;

The presence of a dark theme;

High loading speed of web-pages;

Simple interface, nothing superfluous.

Gesture control.

No VPN, Proxy settings;

Dark theme applies only to the browser interface, pages of sites with light backgrounds do not change;

There are no search prompts when entering a query;

Synchronization between devices does not always work correctly.

Overall, the Via browser is very good, it can safely be given a “solid four” on a five-point system. We recommend to try it.

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