Calls from unknown numbers and immediately rejected or silence in the tube: what is it and how to deal

Subscribers of different operators often face calls from unknown numbers. And in a number of cases the person you are calling does not sustain the conversation, but either cuts off the connection or keeps silent. There are several reasons why people call from unknown numbers and immediately reset, or why there is silence in the receiver; what it is and how to fight such actions you should also find out taking into account the peculiarities of the specific situation.

Why it is done

There are several reasons for calling from unknown numbers and dropping the call:


Calling from unknown numbers

  1. Specifics of call centers. Automated programs often call multiple callers to determine which person is in range. That person is then contacted by a call center employee.
  2. Updating the database. In some cases, calls from unknown numbers are made to compile a list of subscribers. The purpose of collecting such information is different.
  3. Psychological pressure. Employees of collection agencies and a number of other companies involved in debt collection often call subscribers at inconvenient times and cut off communication. Such an approach, applied at inconvenient times, puts psychological pressure on the person.
  4. Advertising.

Often the disconnection is caused by the actions of fraudsters. Such people enter into an agreement with the operator to subscribe to a paid number, the cost per minute of a call to which reaches thousands of rubles. This method of deception, though old, but still used.

It is also impossible to rule out the possibility that the person cut off the connection before the subscriber had a chance to answer – he simply noticed that he had made a mistake and dialed the wrong number.

Article 18 of the federal law “On Advertising”

This law prohibits calling people unless they have given their consent to such actions. However, companies do not plan to miss out on potential customers. “Cold” calls are considered an effective marketing tool to increase the audience of customers.

the law

The calculation in this case is as follows: the number from the existing database is dialed automatically with an appropriate algorithm. People who see a missed call often call back. In this case, the caller gets to the seller of a particular product or service, which with the help of the script is trying to sell a particular product.

Advertising – Between Exchange

The essence of the actions described is the following: since the person himself calls the number displayed on the phone, the company does not violate the law.

What happens if you call back

The nature of the consequences in this case depends directly on the reasons for the call.

If a person calls back to a number that belongs to the company, then in such cases the subscriber will try to impose a certain product or service. The only thing people lose in such cases is time. A person can hang up without listening to the marketing offer. Call center employees will not call back because of the prohibition that is stated in the law “On Advertising”.

call center employees

Losing Money

Scammers drop the call for another reason. The calculation in this case is similar. Fraudsters hope that the person who saw the missed call will call back to the highlighted number. However, in this situation a fee is charged for every minute of the call, the amount of which reaches 5000 rubles. That is, in such cases, the subscriber loses his own money.

How to protect yourself

It is more difficult to protect yourself from fraudsters than from companies engaged in “cold” calls. In the latter case, you can apply directly to the seller to remove the subscriber’s number from the database. Scammers do not perform such actions.

“Blacklist” numbers

Mobile network operators provide such a service as “blacklist” of numbers. This option is convenient because it allows you to screen out unwanted calls. However, this service is usually chargeable. In addition, this option is inefficient because scammers and companies often use dynamic (or constantly changing) numbers.


Special software

The Android operating system and iOS, used on the iPhone, allow you to prohibit receiving calls from unknown numbers. This can be done through the settings menu by going to “Phone” and selecting “Mute unknowns”. The name of these items varies depending on the type of both the operating system and the smartphone.

In addition, on Google Play and other similar sites you can find specialized programs (“Call Blocker”, “Do not pick up the phone” and so on) that block unwanted numbers.

Don’t pick up the phone

This option is considered the most effective. However, it is not always possible to use this method, because both the company and the scammers usually call several times during the day.

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