Carambis Cleaner: What kind of optimizer is it, should I install it?

Carambis Cleaner optimizer: an overview of features

Many experts recommend that Windows should be cleaned periodically from junk and unnecessary files. There are two ways to do it. The first one is manual. This will require a lot of time and skills of owning a PC, because you can not “snag” the system files. The second way is to use a special program to Windows cleaning and optimization programs. Today we will tell you about one of these utilities – Carambis Cleaner. What kind of optimizer is it and is it worth installing?

Debris removal in Windows

Carambis Cleaner is a simple and easy tool for cleaning your computer from temporary files, unwanted data, cache and other “garbage”. The program automatically scans your computer the first time it is started and gives the user a list of junk files that can be deleted. Importantly, the program will never delete videos, music, photos, or other user data.

Carambis Cleaner start screen

Download Carambis Cleaner can be found on the official website of the developer.

Cleaning your computer from “garbage” and other unnecessary files takes place in three ways:

  • System cleaning (recycle garbage can, temporary system files, memory dumps, error reports, DNS cache, etc.).
  • Cleaning of browsers (cache, autocomplete forms, cookies, downloads, passwords)
  • Registry cleaning (application paths, deleted programs data, files with invalid extensions, library files, and other unnecessary data).
Found junk with Carambis Cleaner

The data categories presented above can take up quite a lot of space on your hard drive, so it is recommended to periodically delete these files. In all likelihood, safely cleaning them will benefit your operating system and computer.

Finding duplicate files

In addition to cleaning Windows from unnecessary files, “junk” and cache, Carambis Cleaner offers a feature to search for file duplicates.

It often happens that the same files (photos, documents, music) are stored on your hard drive in two copies, simply put, in different places. It turns out that they take up twice as much memory as you need. Carambis Cleaner scans and analyzes the hard drive and then offers a complete list of files with duplicates found. The user is left with the choice of which file to delete and which to keep on the computer. In this way, you can free up space on the PC’s hard drive.

Windows programs autorun

Carambis Cleaner has a tool that allows you to set up autorun programs on Windows. This section is called “Autorun Management” and it is responsible for which programs will run automatically when you start your computer.

Cleaning the Autorun in Carambis Cleaner

It should be noted that the autoloader often contains unwanted software, which slows down both the computer’s startup and its operation. It is recommended to keep track of the list of programs and remove from there the software that is not used.

Carambis Cleaner is an optimizer, whether it is worth installing – we have figured it out. And you can download the software on the official website of the developer.


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