Caught Tencent Chinese virus how to remove it

Uninstalling Tencent Chinese antivirus

Hello. If you ended up on this page then you are interested in a way to eliminate another Chinese pseudo-antivirus. Recently I caught a Chinese Tencent virus that I just couldn’t uninstall. Its interface was in an incomprehensible language and software consumed a lot of system resources. And popup ads started appearing in my browser. Now I will tell you how to clean your PC from this “virus”.

How not to “get infected”?

Such utilities appear on the computer after installing or updating applications. If you skip all the steps during installation and do not pay attention to the marked items, then there is a chance of getting a similar “gift”. It is very easy to recognize this software. Its logo shows a blue shield with a check mark, and the program window has not a single Russian (or at least English) inscription.

Tencent antivirus interface

The developers assure that this is a cool antivirus that can handle any local or network threat. It’s also capable of optimizing your computer and cleaning up garbage on your disks and in the registry.

But really, I haven’t noticed any benefits from using it. The level of harmfulness, on the other hand, was off the charts. As it turned out, this “miracle” likes to delete duplicate files and can clean up important data at its own discretion. I also didn’t like the fact that they impose software on me without asking my permission.

I’ll say it again: read the information carefully at each step of installing applications so you don’t get “stuffed” with something you don’t need.

The problem of removal is that in the list of installed software (programs and components) Tencent QQ is missing. Funny? What to do?

How to uninstall?

  • Of course, you can start by searching for the utility in the list of installed applications. But with 99.9% probability I can say that you will not find it there.
  • I advise you to openTask Manager”(Ctrl, Esc, Shift pressed simultaneously) and there close all processes whose names contain something similar: QQPC or tencent.
  • Then open “Computer” and on the C drive and look for something like this in the program folder:
Full path to Chinese antivirus location

The name may be different, depending on the version. But the essence remains the same.

  • In the “digital” folder you should find the Uninst file and run it. The following window should open. Click on the buttons, as in the screenshots below:
The first window to confirm the uninstallation of Tencent antivirus
The second window to confirm the uninstallation of Tencent
Final window of Tencent uninstallation wizard
  • The process of uninstalling the antivirus from your computer should start. After that, the last window will open. Here you need to click on the white button on the left:
Final Tencent antivirus uninstall confirmation window
  • Finally, it is worth restarting the system and checking if the software is uninstalled.

But what to do if there is no uninst in the folder with the application? Then you will have to use the registry editor.

  • Open the console “Run” (Win + R) and enter the command regedit.
  • This will launch the editor, where we need to go to the top menu (Edit – Find).
  • In the input field, type possible names: tencent, qqpctray.exe, QQPCMng (not all at once, but one by one).
  • The results will appear on the right, from which you should remove the corresponding values.
  • Restarting your PC will be the end of your agony.

Congratulations! The virus has been eliminated. I couldn’t be happier for you, especially if my instruction was useful. Do you have a question? The steps aren’t clear enough? Want to know more details? I am waiting for your comments, to which I will certainly respond.

Regards, Victor

17.06.2016 8:55 1293

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