Cheap calls with Tele2

On November 19, 2001, Tele2 Poland began providing a new VoIP service through its TDU device. The device will not differ from the “Chatterbox”. Similarly, the way it is connected. The main change is in the form of payment. The user of “Gadatka” has to buy pre-paid cards (50 PLN and 100 PLN) in order to replenish his account. In this way, he can make cheaper international, long-distance and mobile calls until the amount is exhausted. TDU does not require the purchase of pre-paid cards. After signing a twelve-month contract with Tele2, the user becomes a subscriber. Each month he will receive an invoice with information about international, long distance and cell phone calls made with the TDU. Each month the customer pays a fee of PLN 25 gross towards future calls. If he does not use it in full, the system will automatically carry over the unused portion of the amount to the next month.

Cheap calls with Tele2

“The new VoIP service will simplify the way of using VoIP telephony offered by Tele2,” said Fredrik de Lerigon, CEO of Tele2 Polska, “Until now, the ‘Gadatka’ user, in order to make cheaper international, long-distance and mobile calls, had to buy a pre-paid card to top up his account. Now he can get everything done without leaving home.”

With TDU, its user will pay up to 66% less for international calls than Telekomunikacja Polska subscribers1, up to 28% less for calls to cell phones, and up to 31% less for long distance calls.

Activation of a new Tele2 service during the promotional period costs PLN 1.00. A device enabling the use of the service can be ordered by calling the helpline at 0-801-311-111. The customer will first receive a contract, and after reviewing its contents, the customer can order the device at the same hotline number. A courier will deliver it free of charge to the customer’s home. This is the only way to order Tele2 services.

The new offer of Tele2 Polska is available in seven numbering zones (0-22 – former Warsaw province, 0-12 – former Cracow province, 0-58 – former Gdańsk province, 0-61 – former Poznań province, 0-32 – former Katowice province, 0-81 – former Lublin province and 0-77 – former Opole province).

The TDU device is a small box that can be easily connected to any landline phone equipped with a tone dialing function. Using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, it offers cheaper international, long distance and cell phone calls.

TDU has confirmation of compliance with the essential requirements contained in the Polish Standard PN-EN 55022 and Annex No 18 to the Decree of the Minister of Communications dated 04.09.1997, issued by the Telecommunication Equipment Testing Laboratory of the Institute of Communications in Warsaw – Confirmation of Conformity No 108/2001.

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