Clubhouse: instructions, how to create a club and search for rooms, why to turn off the microphone

In order to communicate in the Clubhouse app, it is recommended to get acquainted with its instructions. First of all, you need to become a member of this closed community and get Clubhouse Invite.. All members can create “rooms” for chatting. Private conversations can be activated by logging into the profile of a club member. Open discussions can be activated from the main menu of the application.

How to create a “room” in Clubhouse?

The application is available only for iPhone users. Communication takes place in real time in “rooms” created by club members, which can be public or private. The topic of conversation is set in advance.


Scheduled Launch.

Any Clubhouse member can create an event by pre-planning it in the calendar. This will create a sort of for the upcoming conversation. Before you make an announcement, you need to think of a topic on which to communicate.

How to make a “room” by scheduling it in your calendar:

  • Install an app on your smartphone;
  • activate “Clubhouse”;


  • find the “calendar” icon in the main menu (at the top of the display);
  • click on this icon;


  • one more icon will appear – “calendar with a plus”;
  • click on the plus sign that appears;


  • the “NEW EVENT” box will appear on the display;
  • fill in all items of the created event;


  • specify the name (“Event Name”), up to 60 characters;
  • If desired, you can add another speaker (“Co-host or Guest”);


  • set the date (“Date”);
  • to specify the time (“Time”);
  • to specify the topic of the planned communication (“Description”), up to 200 characters;


  • after filling in all the items, click “Publish”;
  • the planned event will go to the calendar.

Important: The event created with the help of the calendar will be called “room”. Notification of a planned conversation will immediately appear at the bottom of the screen on the Clubhouse site. Below it, you can see icons that allow you to share the link and invite other club members to chat. If you wish, you can change the date (via “Edit”). Later you can find the planned event in the calendar (“My events”).

Spontaneous Launch

Clubhouse members can activate a conversation spontaneously. A conversation created this way will not have a link. Such a conversation is published without a description.

How to start a spontaneous “room”:

  • activate “Clubhouse”;
  • on the main menu screen (at the bottom) find “Start a room”;
  • click on the green button;


  • 3 icons will appear on the display, each of which corresponds to starting a “room” of a certain type;
  • “Open” – open (for your own subscribers);
  • “Social” – social (for those subscribed by the creator himself);
  • “Closed” – closed (for invited members);
  • After selecting the type, add a topic (“Add a Topic”), up to 60 characters;
  • click on “Let’s go”.


Important: To invite club members to a spontaneously created “room” in the Clubhouse, press the cross at the bottom of the screen (“+”).

Possible roles of participants in the “room”

Up to 5 thousand people can take part in an open conversation. However, not everyone is allowed to talk. The creator has the full right to speak. He may choose a speaker (one or several) and a moderator.

The roles of the participants in the conversation are

  • creator;
  • moderator;
  • speaker;
  • listener.

At the moment the conversation starts, all the people who entered the “room” are listeners. True, they can raise their hand (by activating the appropriate option) and join the conversation. The moderator can deprive the speaker of the right to speak.


How to start talking

Instructions for activating a conversation:

  • Log in to the app before starting the conversation;


  • a pop-up window will appear on the screen before you start (connect);
  • activate the options you need to start communicating;
  • microphone icon (enable);
  • plus sign (invite members to speak);


  • the “palm and sheet of paper” icon (allow participants to raise their hand to speak);


  • you can choose one of three options regarding raising your hand: 1) allowed to all, 2) subscribers only, 3) disabled for all;


  • Victoria symbol icon or “Leave quietly” (allow participants to leave the room quietly);
  • start a conversation.


Important: If the creator clicks on the symbol “Victoria”, or rather, “Leave quietly”, this action will lead to the termination of the conversation. The conversation will be interrupted and cannot be resumed. If another member is designated as moderator, the conversation will continue after the creator leaves. If the speaker wants to be silent, he or she can turn off the microphone and just listen to the conversation.

Invitation to the room

Clubhouse members who have created a scheduled event in the calendar can invite other Clubhouse members to join the conversation. A newly created topic will appear at the bottom of the creator’s screen. Below it will be 4 icons that allow you to share a link to the event on various social networks. The creator’s subscribers will be the first to be notified of the planned conversation. For them, this message will be displayed under the “bell” icon (above).

How to invite members to take part in a planned discussion:

  • Look for the 4 icons at the bottom of the screen below the event announcement;


  • Click on any icon;
  • “Share” – share the link in other social networks and messengers;
  • “Tweet” – send to Twitter;
  • “Copy link” – copy the link;
  • “Add to Calendar” – add to calendar.

Important: If the topic is created spontaneously, you can invite people to the conversation via the “plus” symbol (below).


How to get out of it?

If the conversation is not interesting, any invited participant or just a free listener can leave. In order to leave, you need to click on “Leave quietly”. If the creator clicks the “Victoria” symbol, the conversation will stop.

How to look for new “rooms”?

It will be possible to find active conversations in their main menu of the application. After all, back when registration in Clubhouse the user selects the topics of interest. The application itself will display information about current conversations. At any time the list of topics can be edited.


The main menu screen will necessarily display information about the “rooms” of the people that the member has subscribed to. By scrolling down the list of topics, you can find a “globe” symbol, and behind it, an expanded list of conversations.

You can search for new topics on your own. There is a “magnifying glass” sign in the main menu (at the top) to search for people, current conversations, and established clubs of interest. It’s important to remember that Clubhouse members can send notifications of upcoming events to their subscribers. Such messages will be displayed under the “bell” icon (above).

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