Clubhouse social network: how to register and get in, who created it and how to communicate

Clubhouse is primarily a social network for voice communication. The popular application allows all users to talk in real time on any topic. You can only get on the clubhouse site by invitation. Communicating within Clubhouse is only available to iPhone subscribers. To activate the conversation you need to create your own “room” or join an existing one.

What is Clubhouse

In the spring of 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, a new social network for real-time voice communication appeared. It’s called Clubhouse. It looks like a regular app on your smartphone. You can download Clubhouse from the virtual App Store.

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Clubhouse is available exclusively for iPhone users. However, you can enter the application only by invitation or by applying to join on the official website You can’t just sign up for Clubhouse. This is a kind of closed club for voice communication between members. You cannot exchange SMS messages or photos there.

Members can create closed and open “rooms” and invite other Clubhouse members to talk in them. The conversation topic is chosen by the creator. He or she, through links or notifications, invites other Clubhouse members to join the conversation.


Who founded it?

The popular social network was created by Stanford University graduates, creative Americans Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. Previously, the creators of Clubhouse worked at Google and were the founders of various startups. With their vast experience under their belt, the Americans came up with a new project for communicating with people from different parts of the world. The developers of Clubhouse decided to realize their long-held dream of giving community members the opportunity to express their point of view without fear of censorship.

The app users liked the new format of communication. Participants were able to talk about any topic and tell the truth without fear of trouble. In just one year of existence, the value of Clubhouse increased to a billion dollars, and several million people became participants of the closed community.


The secret of the new social network’s popularity

The Clubhouse app was created at the time of the coronavirus pandemic, when people could not meet each other and communicate. A new social network replaced live communication for everyone. Such famous people as Mark Zuckerberg, Ilon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Vladimir Solovyov, and Oleg Tinkov registered in the virtual club. Ordinary people now have the opportunity to communicate with celebrities directly, but through an application on a smartphone.

On the platform of this social network, you can talk to a person from any corner of the globe, and absolutely for free. The application uses a mobile Internet connection to connect with the subscriber. You can talk to one person or to several people at the same time. There is no time limit for communication. The main thing is to register in Clubhouse. You can log in to the app exclusively from your smartphone.


How Clubhouse works

After receiving an invitation, the user registers his account at Clubhouse. At the time of registration, he gives his real name and age (there is a limit – from 18 years). You can also create a nickname. Then, the club member chooses the topics he or she would like to listen to. After all, well-known journalists, politicians and showbiz stars speak at the site of the application.

By activating the account, the user can join the actual conversation. If the conversation is not interesting, he leaves the “room”. All participants in the conversation are divided into moderators, speakers, and listeners. In order to speak, you must have an invitation from the creator of the “room” or press the “raise your hand” button in the process of communicating. The creator and moderator have the most rights. They in their “room” can talk about anything and as much as they want.

Any club member has the right to create their own conversation. Only members of the native community can be invited into their own “room” (via a link or invitation). The conversation can be closed or open. The maximum number of participants in a public conversation is 5 thousand people.


A member can go to any user’s profile and invite him or her to take part in a closed conversation. It’s even allowed to talk one-to-one. You’ll be able to talk in real-time voice chat mode. Audio recording of the conversation is not recorded and is forbidden. For an attempt to record a conversation you may be banned.

Where can I get an invitation?

There are two ways to get into a closed community:

  • by receiving an invitation from a registered club member;
  • By applying on your own at


Each registered member of the community has the opportunity to send, on his or her own behalf, 3 friends Clubhouse invitation. It’s a good idea to invite people from your contact list on your smartphone. After all, only iPhone subscribers can join the community.

A person who has applied to join the community on their own will be placed on a virtual “waiting list”. All his acquaintances from the contact list (from the smartphone) who are members of the closed club will receive a notification. The app will notify the potential member’s friends about the application and ask them to approve it. Friends may let a new member into the Clubhouse without an invitation. In this case, only friend approval is needed to gain access to the club.


How do I sign up for membership?

A quick way to sign up for Clubhouse:

  • download the app from the App Store to your smartphone;
  • Wait for the message “Welcome” and an invitation to choose a username;
  • Enter your phone number (to receive an SMS with an authorization code);
  • allow the club to send notifications;
  • choose the topics of future conversations.

The list of topics can be added at any convenient time. At the moment of registration the most important thing is to create your account on the Clubhouse site. Signing up for this app is very easy. However, people who do not know English will have to face some difficulties. Automatic translation in this program is not provided.


How to use the app

After registration, you can sign up your friends from your smartphone contact list, who have already settled in the club. The interface itself is designed in English, it is not possible to change the language. But you can write the names of conversations and talk in “rooms” in Russian.

At the moment of registration, a new member of the community chooses topics of interest (e.g., history, psychology, education). The application, based on the user’s choice, will itself suggest suitable “rooms” for him. Information about active conversations will be displayed on the main screen. If the topic offered by a member of the community is interesting, you can subscribe.


The user has the right to search for active “rooms” independently. To do this, click on the magnifying glass icon or scroll through the list of conversations in the main menu. If you like the name of the conversation, you can click on it, and in this way you can enter the “room”. Participants in an open-ended conversation are given the status of listeners. True, they can become speakers, but this requires the permission of the moderator. In order to speak, one must raise his or her hand.

A member can create his or her own conversation and invite any participant to speak. To do this, click on the green “Start a room” button in the main menu. The creator of the “room” becomes both speaker and moderator. In a self-created conversation, he or she can speak and turn the microphones on (off) to other participants. If desired, it is allowed to invite a friend to the role of moderator, a speaker. The unfamiliar person is better not to be entrusted with the reins.


How to promote yourself and your account

Immediately after registration at Clubhouse, users can listen to the conversations of club members and create “rooms” on their own. Participation in conversations is absolutely free. You can subsequently start your own club in Clubhouse on a particular topic and allow other members of the community to create their own “rooms” in it. How to send an invite on clubhouse.

Do not have to promote your account by yourself. A “room” created by a club member will appear in the main menu of all his subscribers, as well as people interested in the topic touched upon in the conversation. However, in order to attract as many users as possible to communicate, it is recommended to invite well-known journalists, politicians and scientists to the role of speakers. A person who communicates with popular personalities becomes a star himself in a matter of minutes.


There is no advertising, as such, in Clabhouse. But in the community, you can create creative conversation titles. In this club, either a celebrity’s name or an interesting topic is used for promotion. Conversation technique plays an equally important role. It is necessary to talk in such a way that the club members are interested.

The possible future of the platform

The new application was immediately beloved by marketers, advertising specialists, coaches, and tutors. On this platform, you can advertise your product, service, or methodology absolutely free. Klabhaus is great for sharing experiences between professionals. In the new app, politicians and journalists can discuss any topic without fear of censorship. The only thing to be wary of at the clubhouse is a lack of people willing to listen to the conversation.

Many Clubhouse members use Clubhouse tools to talk to friends for free. Two or more members can participate in the conversation. If you want, you can listen to the revelations of stars or details about personal life of famous people, retold by their acquaintances. Clubhouse is a social network for leisure and work.

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