Connection failure or wrong MMI code of MegaFon – what to do?


If on the screen of your Android device there is a notification “Connection failure or incorrect MMI code” (Megafon/Beeline) – what to do? This situation is typical when rapidly dialing or entering a USSD-request to check the balance, activate / deactivate the operator’s services, etc.

mmi error window

Ways of treatment

Above you can see examples of errors in Russian and English. Depending on the Android version the window may look different. But the text is the same.

Let’s start with the theory to get a better understanding of what is going on. MMI what is it in the phone? It is an interface that provides a link between the user’s actions and the processing of his commands for subsequent sending to the mobile provider. Man-Machine Interface is a kind of program for interpreting entered numbers, codes into an understandable language with which the operator’s services work.

The malfunction can occur for various reasons, but is often very easy to fix.

  • Try resending the request/call. It may happen that at the moment of pressing the “Call” button there was a connection failure (equipment fault, bad coverage), as a result of which USSD could not be processed. If this option does not help, try to add a “comma” at the end of the code. It is done by long pressing the “asterisk”:
USSD with a comma
  • Switch your smartphone to “Airplane mode” for 5-10 seconds, then disable flight mode, wait until the network is detected and try again:
air mode button
  • A more radical modification of the previous method is a restart of the phone, during which the device loses the connection for a few minutes, optimizes the operation of the modules and starts working “with new strength”. Sometimes it helps, especially when the cause of the error “connection failure or wrong MMI code” is a system failure of Android:
Xiaomi reboot
  • Checking the SIM settings. A very effective method, which is to set a different type of connection. Depending on the firmware version, the menu may be different. For example, on Android0 with the MIUI shell, you should open the settings, then go to “SIM cards…”, then click on the name of your SIM. Go to “Preferred Type…” and choose, for example, 3G / 2G instead of the currently installed 4G|LTE. Try the request, if the problem is solved, go back to the original settings:
Change the connection view android
  • Manual network selection. You need to disable automatic detection and specify which operator you want to connect to. There can be one or more items in the list, depending on the location and quality of coverage:
Manual choice of provider

Again, for Android 4/5/6 the location and name of the options may be different. But finding them shouldn’t be difficult. Usually such items are located at the very beginning of the settings list.

  • To exclude the possibility of software collapse, exposure to viruses – boot the phone in the safe mode. If this solution will be effective, then uninstall the last installed applications, scan the files with an antivirus:
android safe mode notification
  • Remove the SIM card, put it back, check the result. Test it in another smartphone. There is a chance that it is the problem. In the worst case – the defect is caused by a malfunction of the SIM receiver on your device.
Yota Sim
  • The message “Invalid MMI code” on the phone can also be caused by incorrect call settings. I will show screenshots on the example of Xiaomi (MIUI 10). In the list of system applications, find “Phone” – “Location Settings” – disable the “Add country code” option:
Location settings in your phone

This advice is taken from the forum and justified by the fact that the device automatically adds a prefix to the user’s request, as a result of which the operation can not be performed.

JRD MMI TEST – what is this error?

I want to additionally tell you about the way to eliminate the unpleasant defect related to the periodic appearance of the notification from the application on the display:

mmi test app

The program on some gadgets is built-in and can not be removed completely. But it is realistic to stop or “freeze” it if you have Root-access and special software (Root-Uninstaller, for example).

But the utility itself often does not bother users until Mobogenie game software is installed, which provokes inadequate behavior, the constant display of messages on the screen.


Try uninstalling Mobogenie (Mobogenie), restarting your smartphone, cleaning it from the cache. The problem should be eliminated.

Here we go, “connection failure or wrong MMI code” – what it means, how to fix it. I hope that the instruction helped you.

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