Conventional energy may come to an end

We talk about renewable energy sources, shale gas, innovations and the Imagine Cup 2010 competition with Mirosław Bielinski, President of the ENERGA Group.

– We assume that sooner or later people will be forced to use primarily alternative energy sources. Our seemingly small steps may herald an ecological revolution – especially since the mentality of the young is already completely different from that of our generation. Today’s twenty-year-olds are already aware that conventional energy sources may one day run out, while using renewable energy sources is just as effective.

– As the ENERGA Group, we have even prepared a special line of products called Smart Eco, which combines the concepts of efficiency, economy, and ecology. We believe in the consumer’s right to dialogue with the producer and to influence their offerings.

Recently in Poland we have been constantly hearing about shale gas. How much of this is a dream about the energy power of Poland and how much is the truth and facts?

– The latest estimates of shale gas deposits in Poland give grounds to forecast about the possibilities of becoming independent from external gas supplies. However, one forgets about the huge financial outlays necessary to extract these deposits. The assessment of the profitability of the investment itself may take even several years, therefore I would suggest optimistic restraint in this subject for the time being.

ENERGA has launched the “ENERGA for You” programme that is primarily aimed at the development of children and young people. Could you, Mr President, share with our Internet users some information about this undertaking?

– The program consists of four projects: Olympic ENERGA, ENERGA Foundation, ENERGA Patronage and ENERGA Education. Each of them is primarily targeted at the development of children and youth. Under those projects, we support youth sports teams, promote cultural activities, and help to win science grants.

Was the “ENERGA for You” programme in any way an inspiration for ENERGA’s involvement as a sponsor of the Imagine Cup 2010? What is your role in the whole competition?

The Imagine Cup 2010 is about to begin

What are the latest technologies used in ENERGA’s daily operations?

Sooner or later people will be forced to rely primarily on alternative energy sources

Mirosław Bielinski, ENERGA Group

At the same time we are conducting large research and development projects. Currently, in a consortium with the Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Sciences, we intend to develop unique technologies for production of fuels and energy from biomass and agricultural waste. The project will result in prototype pilot installations that will be used in industry in the future.

What are ENERGA’s development plans for the coming years?

Efficient solar cells

At the same time we intend to optimize development of conventional power generation through equity participation of strategic partners in joint investments. We are planning among others to build a 1000 MW unit in the power plant in Ostrołęka or construction of 800 MW gas power plant, for which we have already acquired an Irish partner – ESB International.

Mirosław Bieliński – President of the Board of ENERGA SA, an economist with 20 years of experience in consulting and management.

ENERGA Group is an energy holding operating in the field of generation, trading, distribution and transmission of electricity. It is one of the sponsors of this year’s finals of the Imagine Cup 2010 in Poland.

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