Cowon D2 – video in your pocket

Video playback, 52 hours of music listening and SD card reader – Cowon D2 will soon hit the Polish market.

Cowon D2 - video in your pocket

Cowon D2 will be the first player based on this latest product of Korean Telechips (Telechips TCC7801). The processor in this chip has a clock speed of 400 MHz, and its architecture is based on two ARM 9 kernels. One kernel is the actual microcontroller, while the other one deals only with decoding the video stream. But in the architecture of the SoC there is also a place for an additional video-accelerator.

For the sound is responsible Wolfson company with its WM8985 codec. It is the first stereo codec on the market, whose internal headphone amplifier / LINE outputs can be switched between class A/B and class D operation, depending on the requirements of a particular application. So it is a hybrid – class AB and class D.

Certainly demanding listeners will be pleased with the output power of up to 74mW. This will allow you to connect any headphones, providing the appropriate volume. And there is a lot to listen to. In addition to standard formats such as MP3, WMA (DRM), WAV or OGG, D2 supports FLAC and APE. The combination of lossless formats and excellent components provides a stunning sound experience. Cowon D2 has a touch screen TFT-LCD QVGA display with a matrix supporting the display of a palette of 16 million colors. The two and a half inch screen will support video files up to 320×240 pix and 30 fps resolution as well as TXT and JPEG files.

The menu has been designed with touch navigation in mind. Large easy to read icons, subtitles and buttons. Thanks to that, the D2 can be navigated without using additional accessories. However, the set includes a special stylus, which can also serve as a stand for the player – while watching movies. According to the manufacturer, the built-in battery is supposed to provide 52 hours of music playback without interruption, when viewing videos the time is supposed to be 10 hours. The process of charging a fully discharged battery is about 2 hours.

D2 has a built-in SD flash card reader. The manufacturer assured that in a few weeks there will be a firmware update that will also support SDHC type cards – that is 8GB and more on a single SDHC flash card. This is the first player that will support this standard.

The new Cowon D2 will go on sale at the end of March. There will be two color versions available, each with a capacity of 2GB (ca. PLN 999) and 4GB (ca. PLN 1249).

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