Creeping problem: Attack of toxic caterpillars

In Poland this year we have to face the plague of African ticks and Asian tiger mosquitoes. On the Islands, however, mysterious poisonous caterpillars have appeared. They have been spotted on building walls, balconies and parking lots in east London.

The poisonous caterpillar, known as the “gypsy moth,” is a species considered to be an extremely dangerous pest. Their large clusters can usually be seen around July and August, mainly in western Europe and eastern North America.

However, before the moths move on to feed, they develop as caterpillars. And these are not friendly creatures either – their dense hairs contain histamine, which can cause rashes, itching and skin irritation. Best case scenario.

If someone is allergic to this compound, the consequences of coming into contact with the insect will be much worse: nausea, headaches and dizziness, asthma, and even heart rhythm disorders.

Residents of east London are reporting that hundreds of hideous hairy maggots have appeared in the buildings where they live and run their businesses. So far, no one has yet been reported to have complained of health ailments, as it never occurred to anyone to touch the caterpillars.

But tenants as well as the administration and developers have bigger things to worry about than the risk of a histamine rash. Peabody Homes, which manages properties in Atkins Square in Hackney, among other areas that have fallen victim to the infestation, fears a significant drop in apartment values.

Until recently, an apartment in their buildings cost around half a million pounds. Now few people are burning to buy an apartment in east London. Agencies are waiting for new valuation of apartments. The situation is so dynamic that it is hard to estimate by how much their value has fallen. As long as caterpillars occupy the premises, you can forget about the fact that someone will want to buy them.

– It started somewhere in early June, now they’re just everywhere,” says one tenant of an Atkins Square property. – They multiply incredibly fast. People are worried about their health, because caterpillars can cause a lot of trouble, especially for allergy sufferers. They’re in our apartments, on the outside walls, in the parking lot.

– They even got into the yoga studio on the first floor. I doubt that anyone would want to lie down on the floor where there might be a poisonous caterpillar. – He adds.

The portal “Evening Standard” reports that insects can already be counted in thousands. Residents are afraid to let children out to play in the gardens, they also find uninvited guests on the laundry hung outside. For sure, they can forget about selling the premises at a good price for some time.

– There were so many of them that you couldn’t see the floor,” says an employee of a local bar. – They appeared out of nowhere, it was impossible to pass by without stepping on them. Now we sweep them every day and somehow we manage to function.

However, the local authorities do not see the problem so far. According to them, the threat to the health of residents is negligible – they argue that no one has been hurt yet. Officials are still investigating the matter and will decide what to do next.

– We certainly want to avoid using chemicals to kill the intruders, as we could harm other species living in the area, officials say.

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